We'll talk tomorrow but let me say a few things:

1. Horrible foul by Mardy Collins. That was disgusting.
2. Isiah's justification (they shouldn't have had their starters in) does not hold up whatsoever.
3. Nate's reaction was childish and completely uncalled for. He really instigated the whole thing.
4. I honestly think that Carmelo's sucker punch on Mardy once the thing had pretty much died down is right up there with the flagrant and Nate's instigation. That was one of the dirtiest things I've seen in a while. Not to mention that he ran away afterwards.

Listen, I love a brawl as much as anyone, but this was a black eye for the Knicks organization and for Carmelo Anthony. This is the worst I've felt about my team in a long time.

Leave your thoughts in the comments. Back tomorrow.

EDIT: This isn't the top story on NBA.com. I really feel sorry for the league for having to deal with this shit. Man.

Knicks-Nuggets Tonight

Yeah. No recap for the Pacers game. I didn't watch much of it, cause it kinda sucked. Curry's Mean Streak™ came to an end at 11 games, the same day that I gave it a name. Dammit. Moving on.

The Knicks take on the Nuggets tonight, back at the Garden. You'll recall that the Knicks won on a bananas Jamal Crawford three in Denver a few weeks back. Mittens is coming off a shit night for the Knicks and Melo is coming off a 42 point outburst in a loss for the Nuggets. So this one should be interesting. For more Nuggets coverage, I command you to check out the Nugg Doctor. Do it.


Back later. Peace.

EDIT: You want a recap? Check out Knickerblogger. By the way, I love the idea of Crawford going "1 on N". Ain't no value of "N" that could stop him from jacking it up. Jamal will shoot one-legged fadeaways over your whole team if he wants to.


Knicks-Pacers Tonight

Tonight, the Knicks break up their giant homestand with a quick trip to Indianapolis, to take on the Pacers. Let me be completely honest. I have no idea how good the Pacers are. They're probably around .500 but they've just never crossed my mind since they massacred the Knicks on opening night. (How bout that? I just looked, and they're 12-12. Sometimes I just wanna high five myself.) Anyway, this is a prime opportunity for Eddy Curry to keep his Mean Streak™ alive, as the Pacers have Jeff Foster and David Harrison as their centers.

Here's a little Pacers-related video for gameday...

I wish they went a little further with Stephen Jackson..

-Jack, what Pacer hails from Port Arthur, Texas?
SJ: True.
- No, it's a player.
SJ: Oh, Eddie Gill.
- No, it's you.
SJ: Scot Pollard?
- No, it's Stephen Jackson. It's you.
SJ: Oh, Stephen Jackson.
- You got it!

Go Knicks. Recap later.


Not Really a Post.

Hey. TNT NBA Thursday tonight. The crew is in the N.O. Two awesome/rare games: ORL/CHA and NOOCH/SAS. I gotta get some work done so I can catch those games. Here's a picture of an anteater for you to appreciate in my absence:




Knicks 94, Hawks 82

After 3 stomach-turning losses in my past 3 visits, I finally got to see a live win at the Garden. The Knicks comfortably defeated the Joe Johnson-less Hawks, keeping them at arm's length for the latter 3 quarters. A relaxing game that didn't leave me red in the face was much appreciated. Game notes:

- Jerry Ferrara (Turtle from Entourage), Magic Johnson, Brandon Jacobs, David Wright, and Harry Carson were in attendance. Not bad.

- I'm pretty sure that I was one of about 8 people in the entire building who had heard of the entire Hawks roster. I'm pretty sure that even certain guys within the Atlanta organization have no idea who Solomon Jones and Matt Freije are.

- Speaking of that, there's a very nice lady who always sits behind me at the games with a friend of hers. I answer all her questions about the NBA, including the whereabouts of Keith Van Horn and Milos Vujanic, and Speedy Claxton's alma mater. She's taken to calling me "Encyclopedia". That makes me happy.

- Jared Jeffries played very solidly. He cleaned up a lot of defensive miscues, saving Curry's ass several times, and had a lot of saves and putbacks on the offensive end. There was one awkward moment, however, when he got cut and had to go to the lockerroom because he was bleeding. As he was walking out, he inexplicably smacked the scorer's table (I believe...I didn't have a great angle), and called for a technical. It was weird.

- Shelden Williams has a bionic arm or something. His entire right upper arm looked like it was made of plastic. Kind of like Will Smith in "I, Robot". Not that I've ever seen "I, Robot".

Check that thing out. I didn't know robot arms were legal.

- There was a Go-Kart race between a boy and a girl during a timeout. The boy CLEARLY started before anyone said "Go", and won the race by about two kart-lengths. It was complete bullshit.

- I think tonight was my favorite game of the year for Curry. He had a solid 20 and 9 but, more importantly, got off the right shots and didn't have very many Mittens moments. He hustled for some boards, made a few nice passes, got Atlanta's big guys in foul trouble, and scored when he had the opportunity.

- As soon as Curry scored his 20th point (making it 11 straight games), garbage time began. There were about 7 minutes of Jerome James/ Mardy Collins/ Cedric Bozeman/ Matt Freije/ Solomon Jones action. I love garbage time during a blowout. It's every man for himself. Oh, and Jerome had an and-one off a kind of mini dribble drive. Sarcastic guy behind me: "Now I've seen everything".

- Josh Smith paid tribute to such NBA greats as Horace Grant and Grant Long by rocking some rec-spec type glasses. Awesome.

Josh Smith: making nearsighted 10 year-olds everywhere feel stylish.

- Chants of "We Want Iverson" in the fourth quarter. I did not participate.

- Just as we were exiting the Garden, Spike Lee sprinted across my path. I totally blew the opportunity to yell "Do the Right Thing!" at him. For that, I am ashamed.

Anyway, a relaxing night for all parties involved. Solid game all around, and a good night's sleep for Seth, or "Encyclopedia", if you will. Peace.

Knicks-Hawks Tonight

Hey. Real quick. The Knicks take on the Hawks tonight. Joe Johnson is questionable. I will be in attendance. If the Knicks don't win, I'm gonna defacate on my seat. I will be in Section 335, if you need proof.

Other stuff:

- Lang Whitaker of Slam Online is starting a movement for Eddy Curry to be an All-Star. Though I frequently doubt Curry, he really is the most worthy candidate for the spot in the Eastern Conference. (Unless you count Dwight Howard as a center). I'll throw the big guy a few votes cause I love his improvement, but more because I love The Links.

- Marcel Mutoni reminds us of the days when Garnett and Starbury were the shit. I remember the first time I saw that commercial (1997 maybe?), and also remember my mom being in the room and saying, "That's disgusting".

Anyway, I've gotta get some stuff done before I hit the city, so, that's it for today. Recap coming when I get home. Peace.


Knicks-Celtics Crumbs

A couple remaining things from last night's shitstorm...

-Paul Pierce fell on Wayne Rooney's foot during the game last night. Who the hell cares? I slammed a car door on my foot today, but can't find the story anywhere.

In other celeb news, Jimmy Fallon farted during the game.

- This article from SI.com asks for your thoughts on the Knicks backcourt. Who of Marbury, Francis, and Crawford, do you want starting at PG? I sent in the response, "Scoonie Penn."

Anyway, the Knicks take on Atlanta tomorrow night. I'll be in attendance. Backatcha tomorrow. Lataz.


Celtics 97, Knicks 90: The Calm and Coherent Post

Alright, now that I'm settled down (with some aid from the saintly Nugg Doctor), let's talk Knicks-Celtics. One thing that may have been made clear from this game, is that the Knicks don't have much control over their own destiny. With a few exceptions, it seems that the Knicks wins tend to come when the opposing team beats themselves. Certain teams, including Washington, Cleveland, Boston, and Denver, lost to the Knicks mostly because they couldn't hit open shots, or make big ones down the stretch. The Knicks defense is a joke-consistently so- and might very well have zero effect on the opposing offense. As is the very nature of being a Knicks fan, I'm likely to go back on that observation, but that's the way I feel for now.

Anyway, the Knicks played like shit in the first half. Their offense was struggling, but it was the defense that blew open the game. The Celtics repeatedly ran the Knicks into the ground by setting simple picks and getting open looks. Some terrible hybrid of laziness and poor communication prevented the guards from fighting over a single pick or contesting a single outside shot. Due to such, I turned off the TV and abandoned the game in pure disgust...something I've never done. (I did watch the Gamecast on ESPN.com towards the end, but wouldn't watch the telly even when they cut it to three.)

So... here are my very brief game notes. (I wish my scanner was working, because the stuff I wrote on my notepad is classic. I think I scrawled something about eating Paul Pierce's family at the very bottom.)

- If you've read this blog before, you know I love me some awkward commercials. Well, a fine new one is for HIP health insurance, and stars Earl Monroe. I can't really describe the sheer awkwardness of his performance, but if you've seen it, I'm sure you know what I mean.

- Knick reactions to the return of the leather ball:
Jamal: In favor
Q: In favor
Jerome James: "When I block a shot, it feels the same either way." If that weren't Jerome James, that'd be a pretty badass comment right there.

- I mentioned this in the previous, outraged post, but what's with Jared Jeffries wearing number 20? It was uncool when Curry took Oak's number 34, and Jeffries taking 20 is fairly disrespectful to Mr. Houston. It's not like those numbers are retired, but jeez, can't you wait a little longer?

Man, if Jeffries cuts his hair, I might start mistaking him for Houston. Then again, Allan never got that close to the basket.

- Speaking of Mittens...he's now increased his streak to 10 games, but I'm extending the legitimacy mark to 15 games. You gotta dominate AND bring home the win, Eddy.

Legitimacy pending further review.

- I don't think anyone has ever taught Marbury even one simple thing about fighting over screens. It's unbelievable.

- I would never actually admit that Paul Pierce is good, because I despise everything he represents, but...god damn!

Anyway, that's where everything fell apart. Oh well. I'm happy to have landed safely from my flight to Planet Eat-My-Own-Head, and have now resolved to be bitterly disappointed about the Knicks...which is certainly an improvement from feverishly violent/enraged. Goodnight, everyone.


This is unbelievable. I don't care what happens the rest of the way, because I'm not watching this game anymore. The Knicks aren't even pretending to help out on defense, aren't thinking about moving on offense, and overall suck huge donkey balls. I've never completely walked out on watching a game in my entire life, but this will be the first time. It's now the beginning of the third quarter and they're down by about 30, and I will not watch no matter what happens. I'm disgusted. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Here's my game notes:

- Stephon Marbury and Nate Robinson- Hey guys, just calling to let you know that running past a guy with your hand raised doesn't usually qualify as defense. Just a friendly reminder.

- Jamal Crawford- Generally, it is frowned upon to force up 20-foot leaners with 15 seconds left on the shot clock. Just a thought.

- Eddy Curry- No, don't worry about hustling back on defense, the other guys have got it. Seriously.

- David Lee- Cut your fucking hair

- Jared Jeffries- Who the shit allowed you to wear number 20!?

Whatever. None of this changes the fact that I hate Paul Pierce and I hate the motherfucking Celtics. I hate basketball in general. Fuck.

EDIT: The Knicks have now cut the lead to 9. I'm still not watching. That first half was inexcusable.

EDIT2: And they lost. I watched the business on ESPN Gamecast, cause I'm a man of my word. Boy oh boy. We'll talk tomorrow.

Knicks-Celtics Tonight

Celtics come to town tonight. I hate the Celtics. I'm fuckin' gung ho about this game.

Some quick things...

Pradamaster of Bullets Fever (link on sidebar) is going BIG TIME.

Is Eddy Curry for reals??? I said 10 games of solid production would be a real sign. Tonight is Game 10. Did I mention that I was pumped about tonight's game?

An interview with The Hype's Howie over at Lowpost. Hilarious, and thanks to Howie for the shoutout.

Anyway, make sure to come right back to this friggin location after the Knicks-Celts game, cause I'll be recapping like whoa. GO KNICKS.

(By the way, that fruity logo up top was the Celtics' during the 50's. Its downright fruitiness represents my hate for the Celtics. I got it from Sportslogos.net which is the sweetest site ever. Someday I'll dedicate a full post to this site.)

EDIT: The trade machine at ESPN.com is BULLSHIT.


Sunday Lookalikes

Ruben Patterson vs. Evander Holyfield

Give or take an ear.

Knicks 115, Bucks 107

"Overwhelming!"- Yahoo Sports

"Great!"- Isiah Thomas

"A Monster!"- Terry Stotts

"Mittens!?"- Seth

"Two mittened thumbs up!"-Ebert and Roeper

For those of you who missed it, Eddy Curry's performance last night was one for the ages. He dropped a career high 36 points and 9 rebounds to completely take over the Bucks' smaller defenders. The Knicks almost choked away his fantastic performance, but held on in the end to defeat Milwaukee for their third home win. My brief game notes:

- Here's the thing. I missed the end of the game, so I went to ESPN at about 10:30 to see what the score was. I saw that they won, and then watched Knicks in 60 (which sucks balls) so I could catch the end of the game. Let me just say that, had I seen the end of the game live, and in real time, I probably would've had a heart attack. They did absolutely everything they could to shit that game away, but some good bounces and made free throws kept it a win. I managed to remain calm since I already knew the outcome. It was very thereapeutic.

- Mittens had two blocks, including a straight up smother chicken of Andrew Bogut. He had two steals as well, which was really my favorite part of his game. The crowd rained down chants of "Eddy! Eddy!" when he sat down towards the end.

"Get out..."
"...Of my house, bitch!"

- The Bucks put in Brian Skinner to stop Eddy in the fourth quarter, which he did. He did so, however, by punching, kneeing, and grabbing Eddy every time he didn't have the ball. The fact that he wasn't called for anything was bogus.

- Nate troubled me in this game. He had some downright amazing moments, but then had others when he got too excited and did completely boneheaded things. I sometimes wonder if it's just cause he's so small, but he really seems like a little kid when he's out there. I'm not sure. When Isiah took him out for coughing up the ball down the stretch, he screamed "FUCK!" and wouldn't make eye contact with Zeke on the sidelines. That's just juvenile. Do you realize that someday, Nate's gonna be a grizzled vet? That's funny to me.

- Marbury hurt his arm, but I had a dream that he would play in the next game, so he's gonna. My dreams are never wrong, except for the one where I was hunting bison with Mariah Carey.

- Some other good performances: Lee: 12, 13, and 5....Crawford: 25, 5, and 9...Richardson: 14, 10, and 3.

Anyway, it was a solid game. The crowd was really into it, there were some sweet dunks, and the guys hit their free throws down the stretch. The Celtics (bastards) come to town tomorrow night. Let's go streaking, Knicks. Sunday Lookalikes in a little bit. Later.