Celtics 97, Knicks 90: The Calm and Coherent Post

Alright, now that I'm settled down (with some aid from the saintly Nugg Doctor), let's talk Knicks-Celtics. One thing that may have been made clear from this game, is that the Knicks don't have much control over their own destiny. With a few exceptions, it seems that the Knicks wins tend to come when the opposing team beats themselves. Certain teams, including Washington, Cleveland, Boston, and Denver, lost to the Knicks mostly because they couldn't hit open shots, or make big ones down the stretch. The Knicks defense is a joke-consistently so- and might very well have zero effect on the opposing offense. As is the very nature of being a Knicks fan, I'm likely to go back on that observation, but that's the way I feel for now.

Anyway, the Knicks played like shit in the first half. Their offense was struggling, but it was the defense that blew open the game. The Celtics repeatedly ran the Knicks into the ground by setting simple picks and getting open looks. Some terrible hybrid of laziness and poor communication prevented the guards from fighting over a single pick or contesting a single outside shot. Due to such, I turned off the TV and abandoned the game in pure disgust...something I've never done. (I did watch the Gamecast on ESPN.com towards the end, but wouldn't watch the telly even when they cut it to three.)

So... here are my very brief game notes. (I wish my scanner was working, because the stuff I wrote on my notepad is classic. I think I scrawled something about eating Paul Pierce's family at the very bottom.)

- If you've read this blog before, you know I love me some awkward commercials. Well, a fine new one is for HIP health insurance, and stars Earl Monroe. I can't really describe the sheer awkwardness of his performance, but if you've seen it, I'm sure you know what I mean.

- Knick reactions to the return of the leather ball:
Jamal: In favor
Q: In favor
Jerome James: "When I block a shot, it feels the same either way." If that weren't Jerome James, that'd be a pretty badass comment right there.

- I mentioned this in the previous, outraged post, but what's with Jared Jeffries wearing number 20? It was uncool when Curry took Oak's number 34, and Jeffries taking 20 is fairly disrespectful to Mr. Houston. It's not like those numbers are retired, but jeez, can't you wait a little longer?

Man, if Jeffries cuts his hair, I might start mistaking him for Houston. Then again, Allan never got that close to the basket.

- Speaking of Mittens...he's now increased his streak to 10 games, but I'm extending the legitimacy mark to 15 games. You gotta dominate AND bring home the win, Eddy.

Legitimacy pending further review.

- I don't think anyone has ever taught Marbury even one simple thing about fighting over screens. It's unbelievable.

- I would never actually admit that Paul Pierce is good, because I despise everything he represents, but...god damn!

Anyway, that's where everything fell apart. Oh well. I'm happy to have landed safely from my flight to Planet Eat-My-Own-Head, and have now resolved to be bitterly disappointed about the Knicks...which is certainly an improvement from feverishly violent/enraged. Goodnight, everyone.

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