Knicks 115, Bucks 107

"Overwhelming!"- Yahoo Sports

"Great!"- Isiah Thomas

"A Monster!"- Terry Stotts

"Mittens!?"- Seth

"Two mittened thumbs up!"-Ebert and Roeper

For those of you who missed it, Eddy Curry's performance last night was one for the ages. He dropped a career high 36 points and 9 rebounds to completely take over the Bucks' smaller defenders. The Knicks almost choked away his fantastic performance, but held on in the end to defeat Milwaukee for their third home win. My brief game notes:

- Here's the thing. I missed the end of the game, so I went to ESPN at about 10:30 to see what the score was. I saw that they won, and then watched Knicks in 60 (which sucks balls) so I could catch the end of the game. Let me just say that, had I seen the end of the game live, and in real time, I probably would've had a heart attack. They did absolutely everything they could to shit that game away, but some good bounces and made free throws kept it a win. I managed to remain calm since I already knew the outcome. It was very thereapeutic.

- Mittens had two blocks, including a straight up smother chicken of Andrew Bogut. He had two steals as well, which was really my favorite part of his game. The crowd rained down chants of "Eddy! Eddy!" when he sat down towards the end.

"Get out..."
"...Of my house, bitch!"

- The Bucks put in Brian Skinner to stop Eddy in the fourth quarter, which he did. He did so, however, by punching, kneeing, and grabbing Eddy every time he didn't have the ball. The fact that he wasn't called for anything was bogus.

- Nate troubled me in this game. He had some downright amazing moments, but then had others when he got too excited and did completely boneheaded things. I sometimes wonder if it's just cause he's so small, but he really seems like a little kid when he's out there. I'm not sure. When Isiah took him out for coughing up the ball down the stretch, he screamed "FUCK!" and wouldn't make eye contact with Zeke on the sidelines. That's just juvenile. Do you realize that someday, Nate's gonna be a grizzled vet? That's funny to me.

- Marbury hurt his arm, but I had a dream that he would play in the next game, so he's gonna. My dreams are never wrong, except for the one where I was hunting bison with Mariah Carey.

- Some other good performances: Lee: 12, 13, and 5....Crawford: 25, 5, and 9...Richardson: 14, 10, and 3.

Anyway, it was a solid game. The crowd was really into it, there were some sweet dunks, and the guys hit their free throws down the stretch. The Celtics (bastards) come to town tomorrow night. Let's go streaking, Knicks. Sunday Lookalikes in a little bit. Later.


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You sure you weren't hunting the Bison that is Mariah Carey?

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