Knicks 94, Hawks 82

After 3 stomach-turning losses in my past 3 visits, I finally got to see a live win at the Garden. The Knicks comfortably defeated the Joe Johnson-less Hawks, keeping them at arm's length for the latter 3 quarters. A relaxing game that didn't leave me red in the face was much appreciated. Game notes:

- Jerry Ferrara (Turtle from Entourage), Magic Johnson, Brandon Jacobs, David Wright, and Harry Carson were in attendance. Not bad.

- I'm pretty sure that I was one of about 8 people in the entire building who had heard of the entire Hawks roster. I'm pretty sure that even certain guys within the Atlanta organization have no idea who Solomon Jones and Matt Freije are.

- Speaking of that, there's a very nice lady who always sits behind me at the games with a friend of hers. I answer all her questions about the NBA, including the whereabouts of Keith Van Horn and Milos Vujanic, and Speedy Claxton's alma mater. She's taken to calling me "Encyclopedia". That makes me happy.

- Jared Jeffries played very solidly. He cleaned up a lot of defensive miscues, saving Curry's ass several times, and had a lot of saves and putbacks on the offensive end. There was one awkward moment, however, when he got cut and had to go to the lockerroom because he was bleeding. As he was walking out, he inexplicably smacked the scorer's table (I believe...I didn't have a great angle), and called for a technical. It was weird.

- Shelden Williams has a bionic arm or something. His entire right upper arm looked like it was made of plastic. Kind of like Will Smith in "I, Robot". Not that I've ever seen "I, Robot".

Check that thing out. I didn't know robot arms were legal.

- There was a Go-Kart race between a boy and a girl during a timeout. The boy CLEARLY started before anyone said "Go", and won the race by about two kart-lengths. It was complete bullshit.

- I think tonight was my favorite game of the year for Curry. He had a solid 20 and 9 but, more importantly, got off the right shots and didn't have very many Mittens moments. He hustled for some boards, made a few nice passes, got Atlanta's big guys in foul trouble, and scored when he had the opportunity.

- As soon as Curry scored his 20th point (making it 11 straight games), garbage time began. There were about 7 minutes of Jerome James/ Mardy Collins/ Cedric Bozeman/ Matt Freije/ Solomon Jones action. I love garbage time during a blowout. It's every man for himself. Oh, and Jerome had an and-one off a kind of mini dribble drive. Sarcastic guy behind me: "Now I've seen everything".

- Josh Smith paid tribute to such NBA greats as Horace Grant and Grant Long by rocking some rec-spec type glasses. Awesome.

Josh Smith: making nearsighted 10 year-olds everywhere feel stylish.

- Chants of "We Want Iverson" in the fourth quarter. I did not participate.

- Just as we were exiting the Garden, Spike Lee sprinted across my path. I totally blew the opportunity to yell "Do the Right Thing!" at him. For that, I am ashamed.

Anyway, a relaxing night for all parties involved. Solid game all around, and a good night's sleep for Seth, or "Encyclopedia", if you will. Peace.


Pradamaster said...

You should start posting entries as "Encyclopedia." It seems fitting.

Seth said...

Oooh, perhaps. Intersting suggestion. I don't know that I could actually live up to that title, though. Old ladies are much more easily impressed than diehard basketball fans!

I'm just realizing that a lot of blogsmiths have sweet monikers like "Pradamaster" and such. I sort of defaulted to my birth name. I guess this is everyone's opportunity to name themselves as if they were a rapper.