Guess Who's Back?

Yo yo yo. I'm home, kids. The Knicks played three games while I was gone. There was an inexplicable blowout loss in Philly which I did not see, an inexplicable 3OT victory against Detroit which I saw in part, and a perfectly understandable blowout loss in Phoenix last night, which I missed. I have nothing to say about the two losses, but god DAMN how bout that win against the Pistons!? That game really proved the notion that the Knicks love to play basketball. They've played 6 overtimes in the last two weeks, mainly because they don't put away games in the final seconds. We've seen at least two Crawford fadeaways and one inexplicable defensive lapse against Detroit to push games into overtime. Those dastardly kids just can't stand to see a game end. They want five more minutes. And five more. And five more. Gotta love that heart. Either way, I'm damn tired from a day of travel, so we'll get back into the swing of things tomorrow. Peace.