Knicks-Pacers Tonight

Tonight, the Knicks break up their giant homestand with a quick trip to Indianapolis, to take on the Pacers. Let me be completely honest. I have no idea how good the Pacers are. They're probably around .500 but they've just never crossed my mind since they massacred the Knicks on opening night. (How bout that? I just looked, and they're 12-12. Sometimes I just wanna high five myself.) Anyway, this is a prime opportunity for Eddy Curry to keep his Mean Streak™ alive, as the Pacers have Jeff Foster and David Harrison as their centers.

Here's a little Pacers-related video for gameday...

I wish they went a little further with Stephen Jackson..

-Jack, what Pacer hails from Port Arthur, Texas?
SJ: True.
- No, it's a player.
SJ: Oh, Eddie Gill.
- No, it's you.
SJ: Scot Pollard?
- No, it's Stephen Jackson. It's you.
SJ: Oh, Stephen Jackson.
- You got it!

Go Knicks. Recap later.

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