Knicks-Celtics Tonight

Celtics come to town tonight. I hate the Celtics. I'm fuckin' gung ho about this game.

Some quick things...

Pradamaster of Bullets Fever (link on sidebar) is going BIG TIME.

Is Eddy Curry for reals??? I said 10 games of solid production would be a real sign. Tonight is Game 10. Did I mention that I was pumped about tonight's game?

An interview with The Hype's Howie over at Lowpost. Hilarious, and thanks to Howie for the shoutout.

Anyway, make sure to come right back to this friggin location after the Knicks-Celts game, cause I'll be recapping like whoa. GO KNICKS.

(By the way, that fruity logo up top was the Celtics' during the 50's. Its downright fruitiness represents my hate for the Celtics. I got it from Sportslogos.net which is the sweetest site ever. Someday I'll dedicate a full post to this site.)

EDIT: The trade machine at ESPN.com is BULLSHIT.

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