Knicks 94, Magic 86

On the road and coming off a loss, the Knicks got exactly what they needed. The Magic couldn't buy a bucket and couldn't handle Eddy Curry (27 points), and the Knicks beat them easily with efficient shooting and strong defense. I didn't do any game notes because I wasn't at home, but one of the more important facets of the game was that Jerome James, not David Lee, started in the place of Channing Frye. James played only 15 minutes but blocked 2 shots. Frye, meanwhile, played one of his best games of the season, dropping 18 and 7, including a halftime buzzer-beating three-pointer. Darko Milicic led Orlando with 19 and 6.

Anyway, it was a much needed victory for the Knicks. They caught the Magic at the right time, and this just might spark a run to get New York back in contention. Let us hope. Back tomorrow. Peace.

Game Thread- Knicks at Magic

The Knicks are in Orlando tonight to take on James Augustine and the Magics. Being out of order last night, I sat home and watched Orlando thoroughly dismantle the Nets. I love watching Dwight Howard. He dunks on everything. I'm pretty sure he dunked on the entire front row, and maybe even a ref. Either way, he's not gonna be fun to watch tonight. The Knicks lack a bona fide defender in the post, and he's gonna get his share of dunks. What's important is limiting their three-point shooting and keeping Jameer Nelson out of the paint, which is harder than it sounds.

The Knicks have lost three straight on the road, and a win tonight would be splendid after that disgusting loss in Charlotte. Post your comments on the game, the Kentucky Derby, Mad Libs, cabbage, and anything else as the day progresses. Go Knicks. Peace.



I'm going to get my wisdom teeth out this afternoon, but I wouldn't wanna leave you readers without some entertainment. So here it is.

You're welcome. Knicks-Magic preview coming tomorrow. Peace.


Knicks-Bobcats Crumbs

Here's what's floating around the internet after last night's sleepover in Charlotte...

- As Knickerblogger mentioned, sources say that Mittens will not be an All-Star. Oh well. Even though I'm pissed about his performance last night, the kid deserved a spot. Maybe this snub will put a chip on Eddy's shoulder. Maybe not.

- The Father Knickerbocker recap of last night's game

- Boy, do I wish the Knicks had a draft pick...

That's it for today. The Knicks' next game is on Saturday in Orlando, and you might not see a new post until then. I'm donating my wisdom teeth to the Dwyane Wade Foundation for Children With No Wisdom Teeth tomorrow afternoon, so I'll be out of order until Saturday. You can expect an extremely grumpy game preview coming Saturday afternoon, though. Until then, Peace.


Bobcats 104, Knicks 87

Well, that was different. The Knicks flip-flopped their usual losing pattern, starting out relatively hot, and then completely tanking in the latter 3 quarters. New York looked to be on pace for a high-scoring game, but followed a 30 point first quarter with 24, 18, and 15 in the next three. Gerald Wallace had 42 points for the Bobcats, who hit 9-18 from downtown, and had pretty much a free pass to score for most of the game. The Knicks were clueless on offense, stagnant on defense, and wholly disappointing. Game notes:

- On the first possession of the game, Jared Jeffries took a hard foul from Emeka Okafor and slammed his head on the ground as he fell. Jeffries arose with bleary eyes, a hanging-open mouth, and a dazed expression...which means he was fine.

Maybe Jared's just always concussed?

- Yo, the Rookie team is gonna get trashed by the sophomores this year. It's not even fair.

- Bizarre moment in the first half. Channing Frye took a hook shot that rimmed out, rolled around a little bit and then STOPPED on the heel of the rim. It didn't get caught...it was actually balanced up there. Never seen that before. That's a jump ball, by the way, if that ever happens in one of your games.

- Clyde had a bit of a misfire in his commentary. Gerald Wallace saw lots of different looks from different Knick defenders, including Jeffries, Lee, and Frye, and had success against each one of them. Walt called this "genocide" by Wallace. I get where he was coming from, but it wasn't the greatest analogy, to say the least.

- Gus Johnson mentioned that Tracy McGrady emailed Jamal after his 52 point game to congratulate him and express his amazement at the 16 straight makes. Thought that was neat, coming from a guy who once had 13 in half a minute.

- Another interesting fact...Julius Peppers was courtside. According to Clyde and Gus, his first name comes from Dr. J, and his middle name "Frazier" comes from Walt himself. Can you imagine being so famous that complete strangers are named after you? First reader to name their child Seth gets a sweet prize, courtesy of Your NYK.

- Instead of a "clap clap" to start the "de-fense" chant, the Charlotte P.A. system plays that "OW-OW" sound from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Chicka-chicka.

- Clyde made up for the off-color "genocide" remark with a new rhyme- "weaving and achieving", in reference to a Jamal Crawford move.

- Alright, it's probably time for some serious notes, because this was a seriously bad game. First of all, the Knicks body language was unbelievably bad in the second half. You've gotta wonder what Isiah said to them at the break. Given their horrendous records in games during which they trail at halftime, Zeke must not be a very good motivational speaker, eh?

- Isiah went small to start the second half, pulling Frye for Nate Robinson. It totally backfired, because Nate couldn't keep up with Ray Felton, and Jeffries couldn't do any better than Frye could in guarding Gerald Wallace. Come to think of it, Wallace made just about every big guy on the Knicks look like a damned fool.

DE-fense. (OW-OW) DE-fense.

- Speaking of Gerald Wallace, fuck Gerald Wallace. Fuck him. That is all.

- Mittens reeled off a quick 10 points in the first quarter, and then fell asleep for the rest of the game. He was a step late on every defensive rotation, never boxed out, and coughed up the ball every time he had it in the post.

- Marbury is in some real pain. Jared Jeffries is a real pain.

In summary, it was a piss-poor, unbelievably haphazard game against a team we should've beaten. The offense had no direction or movement, and the defense was slow and lackadaisical. Obviously, the players lacked intensity, but some blame has to be put on Isiah. He didn't seem to do anything to motivate his guys, which is becoming a chronic issue, and his strategies were either non-existent or worthless. Just a shame to watch. The Knicks get a break to sort things out, and then face the Magic in Orlando on Saturday. Back tomorrow. Peace.

Game Thread: Knicks at Bobcats

The Knicks head to Charlotte tonight to play those crazy Carolina Agents, the Bobcats. The 'Cats have been a god-awful handful for New York, taking us to double overtime once, and outright shitting on us another time. It's about time the Knicks head into their building, beat them handily, and show those Bobcats who's king of the bottom-dwellers. Eddy Curry has his mittens full this evening, as he has to deal with the outside-shooting Primoz Brezec, and the chicken-smothering Emeka Okafor at the 5-spot. Should be interesting. No word on Q's status for tonight's contest.

In other news, David Lee was selected to the sophomore squad. No Chan or Nate.

Anyway, the game's at 7. I'll be back in these parts to recap later tonight. Leave your comments on the game, the NBA, medieval architecture, Jethro Tull, toaster ovens...anything. Go Knicks. Peace.


Knicks 99, Lakers 94

Well, it was ugly as hell, but the Knicks pulled one out at home against the Kobe-less Los Angeles Lakers. It was a slow, lackluster game that came down to some bizarre plays down the stretch. Some Laker misses and Knick free throws won it late. Game notes:

- Isiah quoted before the game: "If you can't get up to play the Lakers, then you really have no pride." Noted.

- Backing up Isiah's message, the Knicks got off to a good start, feeding Curry and getting Frye some open looks. Smush Parker kept it close, though, as he scored the Lakers first 10 points.

- Frye had one play that I liked especially. He had an open look at a 20 footer, but put the ball on the floor and went flying in for a dunk attempt (missed) that drew Andrew Bynum's second foul. Heady move by Chan.

- Maurice Evans is all muscle. Even his head is ripped.

- Lamar Odom, who must be a nightmare to defend, got looks from Lee, Frye, Jeffries, and Malik Rose. I wouldn't say any of them shut Odom down, but he didn't completely dominate. He had 25 on 9-20 shooting, as well as 6 assists and 9 boards.

- Jeffries finally earned a little bit of that 30 million dollar contract, putting up 14 and 7. If he didn't have to sit because of some ticky-tack fouls, he might've had 20 and 10. He even hit some shots from the perimeter.

- Bynum and Turiaf did a decent job on Curry, but mostly couldn't handle the big fella. Either Curry got fouled, turned the ball over, or beasted all over the Lakers' two "big men". It was kinda funny. Bynum had some slick looks around the basket on offense, though.


- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who works with the Lakers but doesn't sit on the bench, was in the front row alongside John McEnroe. Wonder what they talked about?

- Biggest play of the game: The Knicks struggled at the end of the first half, even falling behind, but Jeffries hit a tough 3 towards the end to put the Knicks up by 2 going into the break. Considering that the Knicks were something like 2-25 when trailing at halftime (I don't think I'm exaggerating), it was a big bucket.

- David Lee has court vision, bitches. He hit Eddy Curry cutting to the rim at a tough angle, and slipped a slick dime backdoor to a slashing Jeffries in the fourth quarter. The kid does it all.

- Marbury's been shooting pretty well lately, eh? He shot 4-6 from downtown, including a long one to beat the third quarter buzzer.

- Vladimir Radmanovic hit a big 3 down the stretch, and then brought his hottest dance moves, pointing and gyrating when the timeout was called. I think that took an hour off my life.

Bosnia and Herzegovina in the house, y'all.

- I mentioned bizarre plays down the stretch...here we go. First, Crawford cut into the lane, jumped as if he was gonna pass to Curry, couldn't find him, and then just chest-passed the ball at the rim, somehow hitting the shot. Later, Maurice Evans took a 3 for the Lakers that nearly got to the bottom of the net before popping out. With 20 seconds left and a 4-point deficit, the Lakers had to foul the Knicks. Crawford brought the ball up, expecting a foul. He drew contact from Smush Parker, and his momentum carried him out of bounds. No foul was called, and the Lakers got possession. Everyone, including Parker, was fairly surprised. Finally, Jeffries blocked a Brian Cook three-point attempt, and Cook went all Kobe Bryant on Jared's face, slapping him in the eye. Jeffries immediately looked to the ground, trying to find something. Breen thought it was his contact. Clyde thought it was a tooth. I was hoping for an eyeball. It was his contact. Anyway, Frye hit some free throws to ice it, and that's how it ended.

- Injury report: Q sat with a sprained right elbow. Curry's got a sleeve on his injured calf, but looked fine. Marbury's knee looked ok, but something else was bothering him right at the end. David Lee might've bruised a rib fighting for a rebound, but I'll doubt he'll miss any games for it.

- Some stats: Curry had 27 and 9, but coughed up 7 mittens turnovers. Marbury had 22 and 7 rebounds. Lee had 13 bounds in 33 minutes.

Hmm. Not my best recap ever, but it wasn't really the best game ever. We'll take it. The Knicks face the Bobcats tomorrow, a team that has been quite a handful this season. Let's see if they can somehow turn this win into a streak of sorts, and start making strides before the all-star break. Backatcha tomorrow. Peace.

Game Thread: Knicks vs. Lakers

The Knicks are back home this evening to take on the L dot A dot Lakers. The big news, of course, is that the Lakers are without Kobe Bryant, who is serving a one-game suspension for showing Manu Ginobili what the five fingers said to the face. (My opinion: Intentional? Yes. Worth a suspension? Not at all. Hilarious? Absolutely.)

It's surprisingly tough to know whether Kobe's absence is good or bad for deez Knicks. Here are some reasons why it might be a curse in disguise...in a fun bulleted list!
- We've already seen the Knicks underprepare for a Wade-less Heat team.
- No Kobe means more Lamar Odom, who was pretty much designed and built to poop on the Knicks. He shoots the three, rebounds, takes it to the hole, and dishes well.
- That's not really much of a list, is it?

Anyway, this here is the game thread. Post your comments here, there, and everywhere, and I'll recap later tonight. I'm reeeeally aching for a good win. Go Knicks. Peace.

EDIT: Knickerblogger talked to Forum Blue and Gold in preparation for tonight's game. Worth a look.


Knicks-Bucks Crumbs

Here's what's floating around the net a day after the game that may or may not have actually happened...

- Knickerblogger has a poll: what's the most annoying part of the MSG Knicks telecast? Obviously, the Earl Monroe HIP commercials are my choice. Other possibilities include the "Take Me Home" commercials and the "Bobby Granger's Guide to the Rangers" commercials (which I actually think are really funny).

- Nate hit not one but two filthy halfcourt shots yesterday. One counted. Yeah...this game was totally made up.

- Kelly Dwyer's back on the Basketball Jones Podcast with Skeets and Tas. It will make you laugh.

That's it for today. The Knicks play the Lakers, not the Clippers, tomorrow night. Peace.


Bucks 107, Knicks 105

Well, I watched some of the GameCast, but couldn't bring myself to watch the belated MSG broadcast when I knew what the outcome was gonna be, so I don't have much to say. The Knicks lost in typical fashion- slow start, halftime deficit, furious comeback, inevitable defeat. They run like clockwork. My only comment is that Eddy Curry's presence is great, but it might make the Knicks move the ball less and rely too heavily on the jumper, because he is often doubled. That's all I have to say. Here's the ESPN recap for those of you who need more than my lazy stylings.

My computer is seriously fucked and is gonna be undergoing some repairs in the next few days, so bear with me for a bit. I'll keep posting, but the regularity and timing of the posts might be a bit off. Things will be back to normal in no time. Clips on Tuesday. Peace.

Game Thread: Knicks at Bucks

The Knicks head to Milwaukee this afternoon to take on the injury-riddled Bucks. Eddy Curry tore the Bucks a new one last time these two teams met, but is uncertain for this afternoon's game. Also pay attention to how Jamal Crawford follows his unbelievable 52 point game. He is streaky.

From what I understand, due a to a rule that ABC Sports has, local stations can't show other games during the ABC broadcast. Because of this, the Knicks-Bucks game won't be on MSG until 6:00. That's the word on the street. So, keep your eye on the Gamecast if you have the patience. I'll try to watch some of the late broadcast (especially if I know they won) and recap later tonight. Go Knicks. Peace.

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