We'll talk tomorrow but let me say a few things:

1. Horrible foul by Mardy Collins. That was disgusting.
2. Isiah's justification (they shouldn't have had their starters in) does not hold up whatsoever.
3. Nate's reaction was childish and completely uncalled for. He really instigated the whole thing.
4. I honestly think that Carmelo's sucker punch on Mardy once the thing had pretty much died down is right up there with the flagrant and Nate's instigation. That was one of the dirtiest things I've seen in a while. Not to mention that he ran away afterwards.

Listen, I love a brawl as much as anyone, but this was a black eye for the Knicks organization and for Carmelo Anthony. This is the worst I've felt about my team in a long time.

Leave your thoughts in the comments. Back tomorrow.

EDIT: This isn't the top story on NBA.com. I really feel sorry for the league for having to deal with this shit. Man.


Lil Dice said...

Who would have thought the Knicks' situation could get any worse. The best thing I can say about the fight is that the aftermath will be somewhat of a distraction from the AI rumors.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about Isiah. It's not the Nuggets fault that they want to secure the game with the starters in, don't blame them for playing well. Jared Jeffries said something like "We just wanted to play hard and finish the game," which was what Denver was doing. Collins had no right to foul J.R. like that.

Glen said...

I’m ashamed to be a Knick fan nowadays. Pride? Ego? Offended at being shown up? Try playing some DEFENSE, you jerks!

The Knicks are a bunch of losers, including the coach - make that ESPECIALLY the coach - and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Every last one of them should turn in his resignation, for the good of the team. And if they won’t do that, then I say fire Isiah, eat the contracts of everyone except Frye and Lee, figure out a way to make that idiot Dolan sell the team - and START OVER. That’s the only way to fix this abomination.

TheHype said...

Oh David Lee.. why'd you have to get the ball stolen?

A bit more serious: my thinking is that Isiah more or less put the idea of "being embarrassed" in the players heads. You know.. the type of thing where if your head coach mumbles that type of thing back and forth on the sidelines, the players may pick it up on the court..a la Marty.

Now that's just my speculation.. using my high school balling days as a barometer whenever my coach's anger would spill onto us. And that's my feeling hearing the remarks from Nate and Isiah after the game about "not wanting to be embarrassed"--I'm just saying the idea had to be from a unifying source aka head coach.

Ohh...Seth... *blogger-hug*

Seth said...

i need it, hype. i agree with most of what you're saying, guys. carmelo may get the biggest penalty, but the knicks started the damn thing and should be ashamed of themselves as a franchise. (funny how when we win, I call the Knicks "Us", and when we lose I call the Knicks "them").

Anonymous said...

You know I have another reason to hate Isiah..For this bullcrap reason that he offered now...And ofcourse, because he plays guys like nate robinson and jamal in the team..