Bobcats 126, Knicks 110

Well the Knicks got lit up at the Garden last night, but they did a fine job of demonstrating my predictin' skillz. As I predicted yesterday, I didn't catch much of this game. I watched most of the second quarter, and then a small chunk of the fourth. As I also predicted, one team blew out another, with the Bobcats toasting the Knicks for a big victory. There really wasn't much to it. The Knicks played a solid offensive game and rebounded well, but were slow enough on defense to let the Bobcats shoot 59%, hitting 10 of 18 from downtown and only turning the ball over 10 times. I think the Bobcats are one of the better matched teams for the Knicks. They have Okafor (10 blocks last night) to stop Curry and any slashers, have hot shooters in Carroll and Morrison, and a solid distributor in Felton.

This loss isn't the end of the world, as long as the Knicks get their collective act together on defense, and prevent this from becoming a losing streak on Monday against Sacto. It will be interesting to see how they react.

That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with some lookalikes and whatnot. Peace.


Knicks-Bobcats Tonight

What up, kids. The Knicks look to establish their longest win streak of the season tonight, as the Charlotte Bobcats come into the Garden. The last game between these two, as you might remember, was a bit exciting. I was in attendance as the Knicks won on a David Lee tip-shot in the second OT. Because I believe this to be the phenomenon, I expect tonight's contest to be not nearly as close. I'd even venture to say that it'll be a bit of a blowout in one way or the other. Count it. Look for the Knicks to step up their perimeter D in this one, as they got torched by Gerald Wallace and one half of Adam Morrison a few weeks ago. Moving on.

Here are some interesting posts from around the internet:

- As a jew who loves basketball, and tends to believe that jews love basketball more than most, I find this post at Free Darko, regarding Elie Seckbach, very interesting. Make sure to check out the comment section.

- Mr. Marbury finally got that talk show he wanted. It's called Stars on Stars. I'll leave this one to Yay Sports.
Well, it’s about time Steph lets us see the real him, because every version of the fake him since he’s entered the NBA can best be described as “miserable and angsty”.

We’re hopeful that this will be everything we want it to be, ie Stephon says, “Hey guest, look at my huge diamond-encrusted watch. Do you have a huge diamond-encrusted watch?”

And then the interviewee is like, “Yeah, here’s my huge diamond-encrusted watch. It’s huge. Also encrusted with diamonds.”

Then they just sit there and stare for awhile, when Steph blurts out, “I have mine set to Eastern Standard Time. I can dribble good.”
Hilarious. If you don't like Yay Sports, then you're probably a loser, or a terrorist.

- One last, unrelated, thing. Last night, as I fell asleep, I was thinking about that trend that Bill Simmons has often mentioned, of announcers saying that an injured player is "out with a knee", or something of the like. I wondered to myself if the pregnant WNBA star, Lisa Leslie, would be deemed "out with a fetus" (EXACT words) for this season. I chuckled aloud, and considered working that line into today's post. Peep this. In reference to this post today about pregnant athletes, Deadspin's "Blogdome" had this headline. That's fucking bananas. I kid you not about any of this. Anyway, the moral of the story is that Deadspin employs a team of mind-reading phantoms that highjack your funniest thoughts while you sleep. That's what makes the site so good. Those clever bastards.

Deadspin's Will Leitch.

Enjoy the game. I probably won't catch the whole thing, but I'll pretend I did and put something up late tonight or tomorrow. Go Knicks. Peace.


It's TNT NBA Thursday

Tonight's TNT twinbill is Bulls-Nets (yawn) followed by Cavs-Suns, which should be a fun one. I'm excited. Thursday's my favorite day of the week. Or it's in the top 5, anyway.

In other news, congratulations to Howie the Hype for this baller-ass picture of Gilbert Arenas with his merchandise. By the way, if you click that link you'll see the first words of the post saying "Oh. My." and then a word so small that it can't be seen by the naked eye. Well, with long and toilsome calculations, as well as some expert cutting-and-pasting I discovered this minute word to be..."Shiva!" Scandalous. Anyway, props to SeƱor Hype.


Perhaps I should get into the shirt business, eh? Do you think Renaldo Balkman would pose with a t-shirt that says "Watch Me Do the Humpty Hump"? Intriguing...

Someone get me Photoshop so I can out-design the Hype!

Enjoy some basketball this evening, I'll be sexing up your computer screens once again tomorrow, as the Knicks face the Bobcats. Peace and humptyness forever.


Knicks 106, Sixers 99

The Knicks pulled out a solid win over the Sixers this evening, bringing my personal attendance record to 3-3 this season. The game was a semi-blowout, as the Sixers drew kinda close late in the fourth (hence the final score). New York showed balanced scoring, with 5 guys in double figures, and there was good chemistry evident from the opening tip. Very nice. I like. Game notes:

- Wow. I wrote my game notes with a marker on a flimsy notecard balanced on my knee. My handwriting looks like it's in Arabic or something. Not gonna be easy to decipher this shit.

- During pregame warmups, the Sixers held a mini dunk contest, and Andre Iguodala nearly put down an off-the-backboard rock-the-baby reverse windmill. It was 98% filthy. (By the way this is written on my note card as "Iggy reeeeeee wine off BB".)

- The Sixers coaching staff might have more game than their starting lineup. Mo Cheeks, Henry Bibby, and Moses Malone are all relegated to the Philly bench. I guarantee that a 57 year old Henry Bibby could take Kevin Ollie's roster spot.

- After the Sixers' starting lineups are announced, they all form a circle and Sam Dalembert breakdances in the middle. I've seen guys like Rasheed do this, but I never took Samuel for a dancer. Who knew?

- When Channing does not hesitate, he does not miss. It's that simple.

Just let it fly, Frye.

- In the second quarter, the Sixers took to a "Hack-a-Humpty" defense, fouling Renaldo Balkman on three consecutive possessions (if I remember correctly). Ren went 3-6 from the line.

- The Knicks City Dancers did a very good number to Jimi Hendrix's "Fire". Unusual choice.

- Couldn't Bobby Jones just go by "Bob" or "Rob" or "BJ" or something? We have enough fucking Bobby Joneses. Jeez.

"Yo, get yo own name, ma fucka."

- No Knicks City Kids this evening. My theory? Measles.

The Knicks City Kids maintain a winning spirit in their quarantine center. God bless 'em.

- Robinson and Richardson returned. Nate was quiet (scoreless), but played some solid D and helped distribute. Q was lights out from downtown. He should always be on Curry's side of the court when we're feeding the big man. You just can't double off of Q.

Anyway, 'twas a good win at the Garden. Lots of people showed up, the team played as a unit, and they pulled it out without much sweat. Well done. The Knicks' win streak is at 3 games, and the Bobcats come to town on Friday. That's all for tonight. Peace.

Knicks-Sixers Tonight

The Knicks take on Philly this evening. It is New York's first game in nearly a week, so it should be interesting to see how they start things off.

Let's take some roll call...
Quentin Richardson...Here.
Nate Robinson...Glad to have you back, Nate.
Chris Webber...Absent.
Larry Brown...Present.

I will be in attendance this evening, and I see this as a very important game for the Knicks. They really need to show sharpness after such a long break, as well as chemistry with their full rotation. Hopefully, the shooting (or threat thereof) of the returning QRich and Nate will free up the paint for Curry. If Marbury, Crawford, and now Robinson can put up some of the great off-the-ball D we've been seeing recently, then the Knicks should be able to stifle Andre Miller and Iguodala en route to a victory. Let us hope.

Again, I'm gonna be at the game, so expect a recap a little later than usual, when I return from the city. Go Knicks. Peace.

EDIT: In defense of Isiah Thomas, from LZ Granderson at ESPN. It's an interesting read, and I agree with some of the points he makes. Let's hope that, in the spirit of things, Isiah avoids signing Chris Webber. If he signs Chris Webber, I might throw the rage to end all rages.


David Blaine With the Knicks

This is from a few years back, but it's pretty cool.

David Blaine doing some card tricks with Allan Houston...

(Check out Kurt Thomas' fro at the end there!)

...and Glen Rice

Pretty cool. Well, FINALLY there's a game to play tomorrow night, so we can get back to our normal routine. Keep an eye on the Nets and Raptors tonight, as the Knicks are vying for a shot at first place in the Atlantic Division. Peace.


Here's a Video

Ummm, this video is marked as a "tribute to David Lee", but I'd say it's more just a tribute to three letter words. Either way, it's pretty funny, and actually kinda scary. Enjoy.

Yeah. I wouldn't mind a game right now. I don't know if I'm gonna make it to Wednesday. Backatcha tomorrow. Peace.

Larry Brown Wants to Coach the Sixers!

It's the truth! It says so right here. Says Brown:
"I didn't come here to be involved in the coaching," he said. "After last year, I think I need to step away from coaching for a while, and I'm 66. I don't know if that's what I'm looking to do."
Hmm. Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to translate that from Brown-speak into English. Here we go:
"I didn't come here to be involved in the coaching, but I'm gonna end up doing it anyway" he said. "I'm going to play coy now, but eventually I'll take over the reigns, trade constantly, and drive this motherfucking team into the ground because I am a bitchy, friendless, lunatic splooge basket. I also hate basketball and America."
Interesting remarks from soon-to-be Coach Brown. He seems to have conveniently left out, however, the fact that he is a pedophile as well.

Exhibit A.

Anyway, let's just say that a Knick victory over Philly on Wednesday would have a little added pleasure for me and, I imagine, much of the Knicks organization. Good stuff.

Possibly a cool video coming later.

EDIT: Sam Rubenstein beat me to the punch. The feelings are mutual.


Sunday Lookalikes

There we go...

Yakhouba Diawara vs. Delroy Lindo

See you tomorrow.


Hey, I've got a good Sunday Lookalikes for today, but I'm having trouble getting photos onto Blogger. Hopefully, I'll be able to get them up by the end of the day. Peace.