It's TNT NBA Thursday

Tonight's TNT twinbill is Bulls-Nets (yawn) followed by Cavs-Suns, which should be a fun one. I'm excited. Thursday's my favorite day of the week. Or it's in the top 5, anyway.

In other news, congratulations to Howie the Hype for this baller-ass picture of Gilbert Arenas with his merchandise. By the way, if you click that link you'll see the first words of the post saying "Oh. My." and then a word so small that it can't be seen by the naked eye. Well, with long and toilsome calculations, as well as some expert cutting-and-pasting I discovered this minute word to be..."Shiva!" Scandalous. Anyway, props to SeƱor Hype.


Perhaps I should get into the shirt business, eh? Do you think Renaldo Balkman would pose with a t-shirt that says "Watch Me Do the Humpty Hump"? Intriguing...

Someone get me Photoshop so I can out-design the Hype!

Enjoy some basketball this evening, I'll be sexing up your computer screens once again tomorrow, as the Knicks face the Bobcats. Peace and humptyness forever.


TheHype said...

Damnit, our font system up here in Canada totally messes EVERYTHING up!

Haha, go for Seth, I'm tellin ya, this internety thing is going places!! Balkman 4 Prez!!!

TheHype said...

go for *it* Seth.... fuckin' Canadian moose just stepped on my keyboard..

Seth said...

Yo, you shouldn't let those things inside. Just cause I live in NJ doesn't mean I have squirrels and turkey vultures running around my house.