Knicks-Bobcats Tonight

What up, kids. The Knicks look to establish their longest win streak of the season tonight, as the Charlotte Bobcats come into the Garden. The last game between these two, as you might remember, was a bit exciting. I was in attendance as the Knicks won on a David Lee tip-shot in the second OT. Because I believe this to be the phenomenon, I expect tonight's contest to be not nearly as close. I'd even venture to say that it'll be a bit of a blowout in one way or the other. Count it. Look for the Knicks to step up their perimeter D in this one, as they got torched by Gerald Wallace and one half of Adam Morrison a few weeks ago. Moving on.

Here are some interesting posts from around the internet:

- As a jew who loves basketball, and tends to believe that jews love basketball more than most, I find this post at Free Darko, regarding Elie Seckbach, very interesting. Make sure to check out the comment section.

- Mr. Marbury finally got that talk show he wanted. It's called Stars on Stars. I'll leave this one to Yay Sports.
Well, it’s about time Steph lets us see the real him, because every version of the fake him since he’s entered the NBA can best be described as “miserable and angsty”.

We’re hopeful that this will be everything we want it to be, ie Stephon says, “Hey guest, look at my huge diamond-encrusted watch. Do you have a huge diamond-encrusted watch?”

And then the interviewee is like, “Yeah, here’s my huge diamond-encrusted watch. It’s huge. Also encrusted with diamonds.”

Then they just sit there and stare for awhile, when Steph blurts out, “I have mine set to Eastern Standard Time. I can dribble good.”
Hilarious. If you don't like Yay Sports, then you're probably a loser, or a terrorist.

- One last, unrelated, thing. Last night, as I fell asleep, I was thinking about that trend that Bill Simmons has often mentioned, of announcers saying that an injured player is "out with a knee", or something of the like. I wondered to myself if the pregnant WNBA star, Lisa Leslie, would be deemed "out with a fetus" (EXACT words) for this season. I chuckled aloud, and considered working that line into today's post. Peep this. In reference to this post today about pregnant athletes, Deadspin's "Blogdome" had this headline. That's fucking bananas. I kid you not about any of this. Anyway, the moral of the story is that Deadspin employs a team of mind-reading phantoms that highjack your funniest thoughts while you sleep. That's what makes the site so good. Those clever bastards.

Deadspin's Will Leitch.

Enjoy the game. I probably won't catch the whole thing, but I'll pretend I did and put something up late tonight or tomorrow. Go Knicks. Peace.


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