Knicks 106, Sixers 99

The Knicks pulled out a solid win over the Sixers this evening, bringing my personal attendance record to 3-3 this season. The game was a semi-blowout, as the Sixers drew kinda close late in the fourth (hence the final score). New York showed balanced scoring, with 5 guys in double figures, and there was good chemistry evident from the opening tip. Very nice. I like. Game notes:

- Wow. I wrote my game notes with a marker on a flimsy notecard balanced on my knee. My handwriting looks like it's in Arabic or something. Not gonna be easy to decipher this shit.

- During pregame warmups, the Sixers held a mini dunk contest, and Andre Iguodala nearly put down an off-the-backboard rock-the-baby reverse windmill. It was 98% filthy. (By the way this is written on my note card as "Iggy reeeeeee wine off BB".)

- The Sixers coaching staff might have more game than their starting lineup. Mo Cheeks, Henry Bibby, and Moses Malone are all relegated to the Philly bench. I guarantee that a 57 year old Henry Bibby could take Kevin Ollie's roster spot.

- After the Sixers' starting lineups are announced, they all form a circle and Sam Dalembert breakdances in the middle. I've seen guys like Rasheed do this, but I never took Samuel for a dancer. Who knew?

- When Channing does not hesitate, he does not miss. It's that simple.

Just let it fly, Frye.

- In the second quarter, the Sixers took to a "Hack-a-Humpty" defense, fouling Renaldo Balkman on three consecutive possessions (if I remember correctly). Ren went 3-6 from the line.

- The Knicks City Dancers did a very good number to Jimi Hendrix's "Fire". Unusual choice.

- Couldn't Bobby Jones just go by "Bob" or "Rob" or "BJ" or something? We have enough fucking Bobby Joneses. Jeez.

"Yo, get yo own name, ma fucka."

- No Knicks City Kids this evening. My theory? Measles.

The Knicks City Kids maintain a winning spirit in their quarantine center. God bless 'em.

- Robinson and Richardson returned. Nate was quiet (scoreless), but played some solid D and helped distribute. Q was lights out from downtown. He should always be on Curry's side of the court when we're feeding the big man. You just can't double off of Q.

Anyway, 'twas a good win at the Garden. Lots of people showed up, the team played as a unit, and they pulled it out without much sweat. Well done. The Knicks' win streak is at 3 games, and the Bobcats come to town on Friday. That's all for tonight. Peace.


Martha said...

I've been resisting the urge to believe that this team is actually getting better (as opposed to more lucky), but I think I'm sold now. Something has definitely happened -- they MOVE THE BALL now. And seem to enjoy it! Unselfish? The Knicks? Who woulda thunk it?

(I'm assuming Zeke had nothing to do with this, by the way, since it's a good thing.)

Carlin said...

They're definitely getting better, but aint done shit yet. I would shit my self if they keep playing like this.

Eddy Curry is coming into his own:

Keep your posts coming Seth. And hit some more games.