Game Thread: Knicks vs. Lakers

The Knicks are back home this evening to take on the L dot A dot Lakers. The big news, of course, is that the Lakers are without Kobe Bryant, who is serving a one-game suspension for showing Manu Ginobili what the five fingers said to the face. (My opinion: Intentional? Yes. Worth a suspension? Not at all. Hilarious? Absolutely.)

It's surprisingly tough to know whether Kobe's absence is good or bad for deez Knicks. Here are some reasons why it might be a curse in disguise...in a fun bulleted list!
- We've already seen the Knicks underprepare for a Wade-less Heat team.
- No Kobe means more Lamar Odom, who was pretty much designed and built to poop on the Knicks. He shoots the three, rebounds, takes it to the hole, and dishes well.
- That's not really much of a list, is it?

Anyway, this here is the game thread. Post your comments here, there, and everywhere, and I'll recap later tonight. I'm reeeeally aching for a good win. Go Knicks. Peace.

EDIT: Knickerblogger talked to Forum Blue and Gold in preparation for tonight's game. Worth a look.


zach said...

we take this game and we are only 3 back on the division leaders, toronto and the nets. Wat odds are you all giving the knicks to make the post season? (itd be so freaking exciting to see em play games in the playoffs like they have been playing them this season)

Seth said...

i dunno about the playoffs...

nj and toronto are both pretty solid. i do know that we'd give someone a good series if we made it, though. it'd be great to have playoff ball back in the garden.