Game Thread- Knicks at Magic

The Knicks are in Orlando tonight to take on James Augustine and the Magics. Being out of order last night, I sat home and watched Orlando thoroughly dismantle the Nets. I love watching Dwight Howard. He dunks on everything. I'm pretty sure he dunked on the entire front row, and maybe even a ref. Either way, he's not gonna be fun to watch tonight. The Knicks lack a bona fide defender in the post, and he's gonna get his share of dunks. What's important is limiting their three-point shooting and keeping Jameer Nelson out of the paint, which is harder than it sounds.

The Knicks have lost three straight on the road, and a win tonight would be splendid after that disgusting loss in Charlotte. Post your comments on the game, the Kentucky Derby, Mad Libs, cabbage, and anything else as the day progresses. Go Knicks. Peace.


The District Celtic said...

nice little channing frye-darko milicic rivalry in this game. think they're proving that they belong in the starting lineup?

Anonymous said...

MY FUCKING JEROME JAMES AND EDDY CURRY IN THE FRONTCOURT SECRET EVIL PLAN ACTUALLY WORKS! i always said that this would happen and be beautiful, and when people asked me why I said some bullshit that didn't make sense about how they're both offensive players one of them would have to get guarded by a pf and then people called me out on how that made no sense and then I yelled at them angrily, muttered under my breath some more, and walked away.
I'm pumped, by the way.

zach said...

i like mad libs, filling in pennis for everything is great fun.

Seth said...

yeah, its a very versatile word. always a winner.