Game Thread: Knicks at Bobcats

The Knicks head to Charlotte tonight to play those crazy Carolina Agents, the Bobcats. The 'Cats have been a god-awful handful for New York, taking us to double overtime once, and outright shitting on us another time. It's about time the Knicks head into their building, beat them handily, and show those Bobcats who's king of the bottom-dwellers. Eddy Curry has his mittens full this evening, as he has to deal with the outside-shooting Primoz Brezec, and the chicken-smothering Emeka Okafor at the 5-spot. Should be interesting. No word on Q's status for tonight's contest.

In other news, David Lee was selected to the sophomore squad. No Chan or Nate.

Anyway, the game's at 7. I'll be back in these parts to recap later tonight. Leave your comments on the game, the NBA, medieval architecture, Jethro Tull, toaster ovens...anything. Go Knicks. Peace.


Seth said...

Knicks down at the half...can they buck the trend and win this thing?

zach said...

I am sorry but I gotta let this out. I FUCKING HATE EDDY CURRY. Lately, he cannot play defense, he never could rebound, his shooting has been low percentage even on easy inside shots, he makes bad passes, and he air balls free throw attempts. The only thing he is good for is when a stupid team will double team him, opening a shot for one of the other 4 more able players on his team. I rather see Rose start or play without a bigman and have Balkman in there, atleast he hustles unlike Curry.

Seth said...

easy now, easy. eddy had a shit game, and showed almost no effort, but he's made strides this year offensively. rebounding sure ain't his game, but when he's on, he's on.

and...malik rose??????? you gotta be kidding me.

zach said...

i kid you not.. curry has far too many "off nights"