Game Thread: Knicks at Bucks

The Knicks head to Milwaukee this afternoon to take on the injury-riddled Bucks. Eddy Curry tore the Bucks a new one last time these two teams met, but is uncertain for this afternoon's game. Also pay attention to how Jamal Crawford follows his unbelievable 52 point game. He is streaky.

From what I understand, due a to a rule that ABC Sports has, local stations can't show other games during the ABC broadcast. Because of this, the Knicks-Bucks game won't be on MSG until 6:00. That's the word on the street. So, keep your eye on the Gamecast if you have the patience. I'll try to watch some of the late broadcast (especially if I know they won) and recap later tonight. Go Knicks. Peace.


willymilly said...

I think Clyde would call that logo "flamboyant."

zach said...

Why is part of the ball's color erased?

Seth said...

It's shiny.