Pistons 108, Knicks 100

So, the Knicks head home to New York 6-12, having lost the last game of their road trip to a hot Detroit team. To me, this game was pretty much a duplicate of Wednesday's game, except the Pistons hit quite a few tough shots down the stretch, whereas Cleveland couldn't quite put the game away. Overall, I was fairly impressed, and unusually calm about the loss. By the way, sorry about the lack of a preview this afternoon. I simply wasn't home at all until later. A few game notes:

- What the shit is up with Gus Johnson's glasses? They're these big black grandpa-looking things with thick plastic frames. I can't find a picture anywhere, so here's a pic of Chicken Little instead:
You're welcome.

- I like to see my Knicks happy, and there was plenty of smiling going on today... a sharp contrast to the emo kids we saw a few nights ago.

- The Detroit P.A. system is by far the worst in the league. They have all these crazy-ass sound effects, and the announcer guy sounds like he's getting electrocuted while he's talking. It's kind of like a combination between a pinball machine and a Vince Vaughn movie, if you can imagine that. Actually, come to think of it, it kind of reminds me of this:

- Mittens had his fifth straight 20+ point game, putting up 24 on 9-15 shooting. Some haters might point out that Curry hasn't been doing much rebounding during this stretch, but I'm not all that worried. He's showing improvement in that area, and the Knicks' forwards- Lee, Balkman, and Richardson- do so much bounding that it doesn't really matter. As a team, they usually win the rebounding battle, so that's enough for me. Curry looks good.

Keep fighting the good fight, Eddy."

- Renaldo can dunk from really far out. I wouldn't be surprised if he could throw it down from near the free throw line.

- The ball movement looked pretty solid throughout. It's amazing how much Curry's newfound ability to catch passes has opened up the Knicks' offense. The guards are starting to trust the big men a little more, and there are many more points in the paint and trips to the free throw line.

That's all I've got for tonight. The Knicks head home to face the Raptors tomorrow evening. Peace out.

P.S: This whole business with Yay Sports is pretty ridiculous and...actually I'm gonna make this a new post.


Natalie said...

You just have to be there, our PA announcer Mason is by far the best in the league, but you have to be a Pistons fan to like it. I was at the game, your Knicks looked very good. I am very impressed with Renaldo's skills and hustle.

Seth said...

I believe you. I think other teams' antics annoy me more when the Knicks are losing. And if it gets in my head it surely gets in the players' heads during the playoffs and whatnot. Anyway, I was really impressed with the Pistons. The loss of Ben Wallace seems to have changed the face of the team, but not necessarily weakened them at all. Walt Frazier kept talking about how they were a slow-down, grind-it-out kind of team, but I don't think that applies anymore, without Big Ben and Larry Brown.

Natalie said...

Walt looked mighty dapper I must say!