Knicks-Cavs Crumbs

Sorry if anything's screwy or delayed. Blogger's having issues like whoa. Anyway, the Knicks' next game is on Friday in Detroit. Let's have a look around the world wide web for responses to the dramatic win in Cleveland. (Savor the moment, bitches!)

Deadspin points out one of those bogus Knicks ads.

Knickerblogger and his glorious commenters talk about last night's game. It is mentioned, and I agree, that the accusation that Nate hasn't improved as a point guard is pretty misguided. Regardless of the stats, he's doing much better when instructed to handle the ball and bring it up.

My favorite pic of the year so far:

Too bad The Cavalier is an embittered Cavs fan, 'cause he coulda had fun with that one.

The gambling gods have put 2/1 odds on Isiah Thomas being the first NBA coach fired this season. Two things. First, as a coach, Isiah has looked fairly solid in his handling of rotations. It took Larry Brown a full year to get fired, and he didn't do even close to the job that Isiah's doing. Second, James Dolan clearly expressed that he's giving Isiah one season to show progress, or it's his ass. I interpreted this as one season- no less. Maybe I'm wrong, but I expect Zeke to be around until the summer, for better or worse. My gut tells me that Cleveland's Mike Brown will be the first to go. My gut also tells me to eat fish sticks, though, so it's up in the air.

Well, it's TNT NBA Thursday tonight. DET-MIA is kinda blah, but I'll watch it just 'cause Billups is on my fantasy team. Lakers-Jazzes is much more intriguing, as it is the first opportunity for a lot of us East Coasters to see what the shit is going on in Utah. Let the truth be told. Back tomorrow.


Ra said...

Which Knick had a HARD foul on 'Bron afterwards 'Bron got in his face?

I didn't get to see it but I heard LeBron was super foamy and up in someone's grill.

Seth said...

It was Balkman. Kid's got some balls.