Not Cool.

If you're a blog-reader or a blogsmith (A much cooler word than "blogger"), you've surely heard of the malarky that's been going on with Scoop Jackson and Yay Sports. Scoop blatantly plagiarized the Yay, only to backpedal later. He's offered some apology and citation now, but hasn't fully acquiesced to the Cavalier's desire that he simply drop the mimicry. The term in question is the phrase "Orange Roundie", which the Cavalier has so hilariously used to personify the new basketball.

Says he:
All we want is the character name pulled off that column. That's it. The concept he can steal all he wants - although we don't think that's cool either, it happens every day. We own "Orange Roundie" though - we have plans for "Orange Roundie". None of those plans involve anyone thinking it came from Scoop Jackson.
As Yay Sports is one of my favorite blogs on the internet, and his cause is certainly righteous, I wholeheartedly stand by this sentiment. Scoop needs to remove that business from his article, issue a public apology, and really get his shit together. More bizarre to me, however, is that Scoop even imagined he could get away with this. Nevermind that blogsmiths like the Cavalier are some of the biggest and most constantly informed basketball fans out there. To me, it's more that Scoop would never actually use the phrase "Orange Roundie". Even when giving it citation, it's just not something that would be in his sort of dramatic, punchy vocabulary. Even if you had never heard of Yay Sports, you'd still think Jackson sounds like a fool. It's kinda like me writing as I am right now, and then randomly insterting that sounds completely different. Then shall each soul before the seat of mercy return to its sad grave and flesh and form to hear the edict of eternity. You see? I threw in something from Dante's Inferno and it sounded positively retarded. This is how Scoop comes off to me.

Anyway, I was bummed by Scoop's actions, and I hope a fairly solid writer such as he can even this out with the blog community and with the Cavalier. He did something really not cool, and it's up to him to clear it up.

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