Bulls 102, Knicks 85

Well then. The Knicks lost, but at least they did it in a new, refreshing way. Instead of moseying for 3 quarters and balling for 1, they threw some pretty good D at the Bulls for most of the game, and then collapsed late. Turnovers, free throw misses, and perimeter D plagued New York, who dropped their second straight. Ben Gordon feasted once more on the Knicks' guards, scoring 23. Eddy "Mittens" Curry looked pretty decent for the Knicks, dropping 24 and 8. My game notes:

- By the way, if you've been wondering what I mean by game notes, I actually keep a notepad by my side during the games I watch. If I see something funny or important, I scrawl it out with a Sharpie. I'm a pro.

- I turned on MSG at 8:30 only to find some white guys in helmets playing with sticks on some ice. Befuddled and enraged, I eventually mustered the composure to learn that the game was on MSG 2. Didn't even know that existed.

Isiah?...Steph?...Anybody?...Where am I!?

- It was cute when Renaldo Balkman hit a few threes early in the season during some blowout wins. It's lost it's novelty. Stop, buddy.

- Ben Gordon...ripped-est player in the L? The man is JACKED, son!

Welcome to the gun show.

- In the first half, Ben Wallace looked pretty lost. It looks almost as if Skiles is running plays for him, which isn't really his thing. He settled down and did his thing in the second half.

- Man, not only has Marbury lost his moves and his touch, but he just looks SAD out there. You see nary a smile from Marbury no matter how things are going. If he had hair, it would be a long, slick, emo 'do draped way down over his eyes. Actually, the Knicks are just a depressed team. Everyone except for Nate looks really friggin' sad.

- Right at the end of the second quarter, Curry got called for a charge when he barreled into Malik Allen. The replay showed that in mid-air, Curry somehow karate-kicked Allen twice in the balls, and then landed face-down on top of Allen's legs. Needless to say, Malik needed a good, long breather on the bench after that collision.

- I'm really pumped about the upcoming Sunday Lookalikes. It involves the Bulls.

- Mittens had a good game (and how about that stylish headband?). It wasn't quite up to what his stats might suggest, but I'd say he was getting better position and focusing a lot more than he has been. Curry's moving along.

Ben Wallace appears to have grown a new face on his chest...and that face is wearing a HEADBAND.

Anyway, the Knicks showed a different look against the Bulls. Ultimately, they were too sloppy and lackluster to pull out a victory, and let Chicago run away with it. And, in case you thought the basketball gods had sympathy for the Knicks, they meet Lebron and the Cavaliers tomorrow night. Mmmmm. See ya tomorrow.

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Patrick said...

haha, your blog is great. love the alkaline trio reference.