Thursday Crumbs

Here's what floating around the internet the day after the Knicks nearly made me lose my lunch...

- It's TNT NBA Thursday. Tonight's telecast includes Cavaliers, Mavaliers, Cavalippers, and Sonics. Random prediction: 2 of those teams will win, and two will lose.

- Howie the Hype, one of my personal favorite blogsmiths del mundo has been abducted by the Fanhouse. (By the way, if the Fanhouse were an actual "house"- like a building- what the hell would that be like?)

- Due to various circumstances, I'm gonna have to start posting a little later in the day, probably starting next week. I'm gonna try to do the KTO's the night before a game, but crumbs and game threads are gonna come a little later in the evening.

- Skeets at the Fanhouse tells us of Stephon Marbury shedding tears over Jamal Crawford's injury. It's a little goofy, but you've gotta love the camraderie. This is certainly an improvement from Malik and Nate brawling in the nude.

- Read in the Times today that Steve Francis has magically gotten better, and might play as soon as Friday. Who didn't see that coming? David Lee sounds like he might be back for Golden State as well.

- Kevin at Clipperblog got to shoot the halfcourt shot at the Clipper game last night, and his account is a great read. (Found on TrueHoop.) I turned down an opportunity to do the contest where you have to match the Knicks City Dancer's dance moves at a game earlier this year.

Anyway, that's all for today. I'll have your Warriors KTO up some time tonight or tomorrow. Enjoy the TNT action. Peace.

P.S. When I woke up this morning, I thought to myself "Hey, you know what the blog needs? More polar bears. There's a serious shortage of polar bears at Your NYK." I'm gonna make a concerted effort to give you more polar bears, dammit.


willymilly said...

I decided against shaving the head seeing I'm still dateless for prom, and I don't want it to stay that way, and shaving my head probably wouldn't help the situations.

However, my white starburys do, so maybe it would've evened out.

Seth said...

Haha it's all good. Ladies love turf toe.

zach said...

eh i wont be on tmrw cuase i have school and immediately following i am taking a train into the city for the knicks game. so ill take down some game notes for ya vs gs.

Seth said...

Zach- I'm not gonna be around either, so I'd definitely appreciate some game notes if you're up to it. Have fun! Go Knicks.