Celtics 102, Knicks 94

Ohh, the torment. In what may have been the most torturous game of the season, the Knicks came out sickeningly flat in the first half, made the predictable comeback in the second half to take the lead at various points only to go on and lose. This team just continues to amaze me. How on earth do you play that badly in the first half and then wipe it away in the second? It's like Isiah Thomas pulled the Bugs Bunny trick from Space Jam on them during halftime. Either way, it was a loss to a horrible Celtics team. Here are some very brief game notes (I skipped out on much of this one, only to come back when I saw they had cut the lead):

- It's kinda weird to see footage of Crawford's game-clincher against the Heat, knowing that during all that celebrating he had a fractured ankle.

- Balkman is now sporting some Troy Hudson style dreadtails. Not a good look.

- The Celtics had a very nice tribute to Dennis Johnson before the game, and both coaching staffs wore green "3" pins in his honor.

- Nate Robinson was out with the flu, which has been making its rounds in the Knick locker room. That meant Mardy Collins was the first guy off the bench. Yeah.

- Mardy had his moments, but, overall, was not very promising.

- Al Jefferson is GOOD. He doesn't look that big, but he's got a wide arsenal of post moves and a real nose for the ball around the basket. He had 26, 9, 5, and 2 blocks, all while essentially playing with one hand. The other was heavily bandaged.

- Watching Mardy Collins and Malik Rose hoist jumpers in the first half evoked memories of Shandon Anderson and Howard Eisley. It was one of those, "Wow, we're letting these people shoot?" moments that were so common before Isiah came.

- Paul Pierce has all of the facial expressions of a bitchy pre-teen girl. I do not like Paul Pierce and I do not like the Celtics.

- Jeffries had his best game as a Knick, despite foul trouble. He had 16 and 6 on 8-9 shooting. Marbury had 23 and 6. Q came out of his slump to have 24 and 8, including 5 threes.

Anyway. For one reason or another, of all the Knicks games I've ever seen, this may have been the most unbearable to stomach. They were so miserably listless in the first half, that it made me literally sick. They played like they hadn't been fed in a few days, or something. Then, the ups and downs of the close second half only worsened the pain. It's things like this that really test my patience. The fact that it was the Celtics makes it even worse. Ugh. Some years down the road, when the Knicks are a contender, remind me that they once played games like this. That is all. Back tomorrow. Peace.

P.S. The Heat beat the Wizards.

P.P.S. Totally forgot Bill Murray was in Space Jam. Wow.


The District Celtic said...

dont think your immense hatred towards the celtics affects my judgement of your blog....i still love it.

in fact, it wouldn't be a true knicks blog if you didn't hate them. sorry about the loss.

Seth said...

I appreciate it, DC. I wouldn't expect anything less than pure Knicks hatred from you, either. It's a friendly rivalry!