Knicks Mix Video

As we head into the All-Star Break, not much is going in the Knicks world. David Lee is competing (to use the word loosely) in the Rookie-Sophomore game tonight. Should be fun. For now, I give you a fun little mash-up of past and present Knicks that I found today. Enjoy.

I'm gonna be in Colorado (not Vegas, but close) as of tomorrow afternoon, so my posts might thin out a little for the next week or so. I'll try to keep up to date with news, All-Star activity, the trade deadline, and upcoming games, but might not get a post up every day. As with the last time I was away, if anyone wants to write something- an all-star recap, a game recap...anything- over the next week, I'd be more than happy to read it through and possibly post it. Think about it. Anyway, enjoy All-Star Weekend and I'll be backatcha whenever. Peace.


willymilly said...

I wish I had a name that started with an L so I whenever I'd do something nasty nasty I can just throw my arms up in the air like LJ.

zach said...

im watching this celebrity all star game and i gotta say, reggie bush can get up there. its funny to see the difference between average people and nba players though, even the difference between the 2 wnba players they got in this and nba players

The District Celtic said...

wow...has david lee already won the rookie/soph game mvp?

The District Celtic said...

yep, he won it. 14-14 from the field that is INSANE. think this'll open isiah's eyes to give him a starting spot?

TheHype said...

David Lee just became the MVP to my heart

Seth said...

I've been out of the pad, guys. Sorry I didn't respond. Thanks for commenting.

Willy- You could throw your arms up, bent at the elbows for a nice "W"

zach- That might be the last time we see an NFL player in that game, eh?

DC and Howie- THAT'S MY BOY! Although, I don't think connecting on 14 dunks and layups against matador defense is gonna get him a starting spot. We can hope.