Your 2007 Rookie Game MVP

Congratulations to Knick sophomore DA-VID LEEEE for dropping 30 points (14-14 from the field!) to win the MVP of the Rookie-Sophomore game as the Sophs gloriously destroyed their younger counterparts. Lee was nothing short of entertaining, adding his own tomahawks to the healthy supply of stuffs from Rudy Gay, Monta Ellis, and Paul Millsap.

The real entertainment, of course, was watching TNT's Ernie Johnson try to converse with a hungover Charles Barkley and a visibly buzzed Kenny Smith and Craig Sager. (By the way, did anyone see when Kenny was talking with Murs for about five minutes? Fuckin A! That made me wanna be in Vegas.)

That's it for now. I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow, so I'll try to post after the dunk contest and such. Peace.

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