Thursday Crumbs

Here's what floating around the internet the day after the Knicks' "Wait, we have a game today!?" game...

- It's TNT NBA Thursday. Mavs-Rockets followed by Cavs-Lakers. Both solid games. I'm more interested, once again, to see what Charles and Kenny have to say in reaction to these new developments regarding homosexuality in the NBA. It'd make me happy to see Chuck outright trash Tim Hardaway on national television.

- Speaking of the notorious Mr. Hardaway, I laughed for a solid minute at this bit from a Yay Sports! post:
We’ve been searching and searching for anything that’ll lead to where this hatred came from, but have come up with nothing. We’re assuming he’s deeply religious or something boring like that, but hold out hope that like he was captured by a gay gang who like kept him prisoner for days at a time and like made him watch Cabaret for days on end.
Hilarious. This Hardaway business is awful, but it sure has been fun to watch him go down in flames. For more, check out Marcel Mutoni's post at SLAM (the first place I read the news), and the entire comments section. Interesting discussion.

- "Hey, maybe the Eddy Curry deal wasn't so bad!" Henry Abbott at TrueHoop breaks it down.

- The Father Knickerbocker recap of last night's meltdown

- David Friedman at Hoopshype.com has an article about Knicks assistant, Mark Aguirre. The second part is about his training of the Knicks' big men.

That's it for today. Enjoy the TNT games, and feel free to leave your comments on the Knicks, the Eddy Curry deal, or on Tim Hardaway. Back tomorrow. Peace.


willymilly said...

Tim Hardaway ruined my snow day.

I like listening to ESPN radio while I'm not going anything in my room, but all day, from 6:45 until exactly right now, there has been no break in the talk of his comments. Stephen A actually kind of talked about the Knicks game, only to return to screaming at callers.

Oh well, Tim Hardaway is a bitch, and he has always been a bitch.

The District Celtic said...

Why you doin' that, Tim? You were my hero man!! My friggin hero!! Now you're sayin' all that poop....you're just a poop mouth. A poop mouth!!

Seth said...

Great comments, guys.

d.c.- You just made me laugh like a little girl. My "haha"s actually turned into "teehee"s by the end of it. Hilarious.

The District Celtic said...

hahaha....gotta love 'anchorman'.