Knicks in the Hot Zone!

No, this is not the Knicks-only porno you've been waiting for. NBA.com has a relatively new feature called "Hot Zones" which gives you color-coded splits for a team/player's shots on all parts of the floor. I took the liberty of perusing some Knicks' "Hot Zones" and here's what I saw:

- The Knicks are best under the basket. They suck at the top of the key and the left side of two-point land. The Knicks are best suited shooting threes from the right corner.

- Jamal Crawford: Jamal shoots his best three-point percentage from the corners. He also shoots a fantastic percentage on the left side of the outer paint, and he's predictably better at floater shots than layups/dunks. He's not so hot from dead center in 2 or 3 point land.

- Eddy Curry's is fairly uninteresting. He does tend to shoot much more on the right side of the outer paint, and with more success. The hot spot is expectably right under the basket. He's also a sizzling 1-1 from 18 feet out on the right side.

- Channing is the opposite of Jamal. He's coldest from the corners and his best 18 footer is from dead center.

- Jared Jeffries probably shouldn't shoot much.

- David Lee VERY rarely leaves the paint. Considering that he hits 65 percent of his shots under the basket, it's hard to argue.

- Marbury's best three pointers are from dead center and from the left corner. Unlike Crawford, his shots under the basket fall with much more success than his floaters from the outer paint.

- Q's best threes are from the right side. He shoots poorly from dead center and from the outer paint area.

- Nate's much better from the right side than the left, but should probably just go to the hole.

So yeah. Not much novel information, but it's a cool little instrument they made. Check it out if you're interested and want some exact numbers, and let me know if you find anything else telling or worthwhile. Peace.

EDIT: More related to the previous post...Charles Barkley: "Kenny knows. I know. We've played with gay players before." Both Charles and Kenny had some interesting and fairly reasonable things to say about the John Amaechi business. They both pretty much expressed that a gay player in the locker room would not be a problem at all to them. They care more about skill and personality than sexuality. It's good to hear.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up on those hot zones...good stuff.

apparently paul pierce is money from the left wing three. 10 of 12 from there.