Friday Crumbs

Everyone's got their name for a gaggle of short, unrelated links, be it "thumbtacks", "bullets", or "explosions". I guess mine have become "crumbs". Anyway, here are some things floating around the internet on this glorious Friday afternoon...

- Found in TrueHoop's aforementioned bullets, Isiah Thomas on homosexual players. Basically, he has no problem with it and would do anything in his power to accomodate such a player. Good. Eddy Curry originally wouldn't comment, then said he wouldn't have a problem. Jamal sounded accepting but said it might be awkward. Whatever. At least they aren't afraid of any "gayness" being brought upon them.

- Newsday's Johnette Collins on Stephon Marbury's recent resurgence. Thanks...Johnette. (By the way, I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but I turn up a lot of Knicks articles on Knicks Online's "headlines" news feed. Very useful.)

- Finally, here's a pretty solid video of 10 minutes of Knicks highlights from the early part of the season. Worth a watch.


That's all for today, kids. The Knicks finally have a game tomorrow night, as they begin their Left Coast trip in Utah. Back with a game thread and such in the afternoon. Peace.


zach said...

hahahaha celtics lose again, i was really pushing for them to end the streak( 17!?!?) today since they were playing NJ. freaking toranto also topped the lakers so the knicks get hurt in the standings today. :(

Seth said...

yeah, for all the shit the atlantic division takes, it's not gonna be easily won. any forthcoming games against toronto and nj are HUGE for any shot at the playoffs.