Game Thread- Knicks at Jazzes

The well-rested Knicks are in the Beehive State this evening, to take on the injury-riddled Jazzes. Utah is without Carlos Boozer and may be without Andrei Kirilenko and Mehmet Okur. This is a tough game either way. With Okur and Kirilenko, the Knicks face shooting big men who pose matchup problems. Without those two, the Knicks might revert to their tendency to underprepare for shorthanded teams. Let's not forget Deron Williams, either. His unbelievable clutchness in the last meeting between these two teams was overshadowed by the game winning layup from Stephon Marbury. He is extremely talented and very dangerous down the stretch.

Anyway, it's a difficult but winnable game for the Knicks. They need to come to play right from the beginning, and make a point of feeding the big man. Eddy Curry will be matched up with Jarron Collins, who is half of a decent NBA center. For a much better preview, I reccomend you check out Father Knickerbocker. Keep your eye on the Utah injury report as the day progresses.

This is a Game Thread, so post all your comments about the game, chicken pox, Beau Bridges, crabcakes, and Yahtzee as the day progresses. The more the merrier. The game is a late'un (9 p.m. EST), so I might not get a recap up until tomorrow morning. We shall see. Go Knicks. Peace.


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