Wizards 113, Knicks 102

Jeez. The Knicks, who are now 0-3 in my presence this season, got completely disemboweled by the Wizards this evening. Some quick game notes (You'll notice that these tend to be shorter when they lose, cause I'm all sad and shit):

- The Knicks' defense was bad, but it wasn't THAT bad. Arenas and Jamison were just hitting every damn shot they took.

- Eddy Curry had just about the cheapest double-double of all time. He had about 7-8 Mittens moments, including two layup attempts from under the backboard. When he has these moments, I raise both hands and mime mittens, bunching up my fingers and wiggling my thumb. I think my entire section was doing it by the end of the game.

I'm gonna start bringing these to games.

- Where was Nate? He played 7 minutes, despite a fairly strong "We want Nate" chant in the fourth.

- If David Lee could somehow develop into a Antawn Jamison-ish type player, that'd be neat.

- Gilbert Arenas hit absolutely everything, including a 40 footer after a whistle, and two threes to beat the buzzers before each half. Fucking Hibachi.

Arenas makes chicken tempura for three Knicks.

- In the late third quarter, Humpty crashed into Arenas while chasing a loose ball. Renaldo pretty much climbed onto his back, swung his body around Gilbert's, and tripped him with both legs. Arenas got whistled for his fifth foul. I chuckled.

- In each of the last few games, I've kept thinking about Jared Jeffries. Think about some of the guys who've exploded recently: Jamison, Bosh and Prince all could've been guarded by Jeffries.

Anyway, the Knicks got completely out-hustled and out-classed by a superior team. I need some sleep. Later.

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