Knicks-Wiz Tonight

Hey. How are you? Nothing much to say today. Some things:

- An article from the Times on the Knicks' upcoming lineup issues when Jeffries and Frye are active. It is a problem. My thoughts:

IDEAL- Francis, Richardson, Jeffries, Lee, Curry
SOMEWHAT PRACTICAL- Marbury, Richardson, Jeffries, Frye, Curry

A benching would not sit well with Marbury or Frye, while I think Francis and Lee might be better at dealing with it. Nevermind the starters, the entire ROTATION is gonna be an issue for Isiah. It'd be tough to be in his dancin' shoes right now.

- I watched college basketball last night (which I rarely do). All I can say is that I want Marcus Dove of Oklahoma State on the Knicks someday. The kid is constantly pumped, and is everywhere on the court. Plus, he has a sweet name (although Mustafa Shakur is by far the greatest name in all of sports).

- An awesome video of the Knicks starting lineup intros from the 1994 Finals. Gives me chills. I can't wait for the day that the Garden is once again as packed as it was in this video. Also, I miss that starting lineup music. And laser-lite.

- Finally, and most importantly, the Knicks take on the Wizards (whose home page has dandruff and fruity music) this evening. Gilbert "Hibachi" Arenas is coming off a big game against the Mavs, meaning that fortune might tweak his mercurial shooting stroke for the sake of the Knicks. Please? Curry has his first real matchup in a few games, as Brendan Haywood and Etan Thomas are legitimate centers and can play a touch of defense. I will be in attendance, so expect a detailed recap when I return from the city. Peace.

EDIT: I don't remember which team it was, but during the OK State-Syracuse game, a player dove into the front row and got an arm covered in that nasty, processed nacho cheese. Does anyone have the specifics on this?


Pradamaster said...

Hey, if you're going to be there, is it possible to send along some quick thoughts on the Wizards so I can post it up on Bullets Fever? It would be really cool to hear an account of the Wizards from a Knicks blogger that's actually going to be in attendance.

Let me know! My e-mail is pradam@brandeis.edu.


Seth said...

Yeah, I'll tell you what I think of your stinkin' Wizards. They STINK.

Sure thing, I'll e-mail you after the game.

Ra said...

Why does Channing (gay name) got to be such a dick. Let my boy Lee play.

Everytime I think of David Lee I think of Bruce Lee.

Skills baby, skills.