Knicks-Wiz Crumbs

A few things on the night off...

- Happy TNT NBA Thursday. Neither game (DET/DAL and MIA/SAC) is especially exciting, but I always relish the opportunity to watch basketball casually. Speaking of which, a friend of mine wondered today that, since the Knicks are so bad, why don't I just "get off the bandwagon?" My response was that the Knicks, for me, are no bandwagon. They are a fucking paddywagon. I am eternally and hopelessly chained to this franchise. No matter how poorly they play, I will continue to follow and hope. I'm sure anyone who's a diehard of a struggling team can relate to my paddywagon theory...right?

Knicks fans cringing in the back of the paddywagon. All two of us.

- David Crockett at Knickerblogger is as sad as I am about the last loss.

-Walt "The Baddest Man of the 70's" Frazier on Sports Bloggers Live (Via Detroit Bad Boys). It's a really great interview, with questions composed by all your favorite blogsmiths, and the always affable Clyde lending some fun answers. He's a great guy.

The world's premier expert on style and grooming.

-Speaking of Clyde, I just found (and took the previous photo from) this page, which has a solid dictionary of Frazier's arcane vocabulary and numerous rhymes.

- Game recap from Live from Section 404. Speaking of which, there is no better halftime entertainment than little kids playing basketball on the Garden floor. It's magnificent.

- Any notion of this has not crossed my mind even once during Curry's recent statistical surge. I really hope he doesn't actually make the All-Star team, because that'd be kinda embarassing. Ugh.

- Finally, a fun little video of the 2001 McDonald's All-American Dunk Contest. Question: I love David Lee, but why the hell did he win this? Since when does one's ability to undress quickly affect their ability to dunk? James White got robbed.

That's all for today. Bucks on Saturday. Later.

EDIT: Here's to completely unrelated post titles! Oh well.
EDIT 2: Sheer coincidence but the Lee video was up at Knicks Central yesterday. So, props for that.


Nugg Doctor said...

Saw a lot of Bernard King highlights today on NBA TV. He was awesome!

Ra said...

David Lee is a fucking baller.

You know his hair provides lots of bounce.

Seth said...

Nugg- I've seen King a few times on ESPN Classic. One of the more unique players ever. Coming off an Antawn Jamison show, I'd say that Jamison, at his absolute best, plays a little like King.

Ra- The wispy, sweat-matted sideburns are the key. I'm growing some out myself, and I'm gonna go try to dunk when they're in. I expect to succeed.

Seth said...

Wow, I said "more unique". Awesome.

djsunyc said...

thanks for the plug.