Knicks-Grizz Crumbs

Just a few pics and posts related to last night's game...

Awesome recap atLive from Section 404. If you're a Knicks fan, djsunyc does a detailed recap for every home game and I highly suggest you check it out.

Brian Cronin at Knickerblogger is excited but not too excited with last night's win.

And some more pics from last night (Yahoo doesn't get all the AP photos up quick enough for my recaps)

More documentation of the legendary Lee-Cardinal streetball shootout:

Young kids will reminisce on that cold winter night when Lee and Cardinal simply couldn't miss, a night that will be forever remembered in streetball folklore.

Anyway, that's it for today. The Wizards come to town tomorrow night. Adios.


TheHype said...

The majestic pic is not appearing before my eyes Seth!! I need to know how the duel of the pasty whiteys looked like so I may one day tell my grandkids!

Oh, Crawford's nickname: Cryptkeeper--mweeeeheeheheheheeheaha

Seth said...

Is anyone else having this problem? (Or are the pics simply so white that Howie can't see them?)

Ra said...

They must just be hella white, maybe they are blending in with the snow up there in Canada.

In Phoenix, they just look like the great white hype.

Seth said...

Now those two pics aren't working for me either. I'm trying to fix it, but can't. If anyone might lend some help, I'd appreciate it.

Seth said...

K, we should be good now.