Knicks-Nuggets Tonight

Yeah. No recap for the Pacers game. I didn't watch much of it, cause it kinda sucked. Curry's Mean Streak™ came to an end at 11 games, the same day that I gave it a name. Dammit. Moving on.

The Knicks take on the Nuggets tonight, back at the Garden. You'll recall that the Knicks won on a bananas Jamal Crawford three in Denver a few weeks back. Mittens is coming off a shit night for the Knicks and Melo is coming off a 42 point outburst in a loss for the Nuggets. So this one should be interesting. For more Nuggets coverage, I command you to check out the Nugg Doctor. Do it.


Back later. Peace.

EDIT: You want a recap? Check out Knickerblogger. By the way, I love the idea of Crawford going "1 on N". Ain't no value of "N" that could stop him from jacking it up. Jamal will shoot one-legged fadeaways over your whole team if he wants to.

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Nugg Doctor said...

good luck tonight, Seth. We will see who plays worse!