Knicks 111, Bucks Bobcats (I was tired) 109- 2OT

I'm so tired I can barely sit up straight. I was screaming and jumping throughout this entire, fantastic game. For those of you who missed it, David Lee won the game on a inbounds tip-in with .1 seconds remaining. Kind of an iffy basket, but awesome either way. Really fun game. Quick-ass game notes so I can sleep.

- I went to the game with my friend Al, and the guy sitting next to us was a very friendly British chap who was visiting the city for four days alone. This was his first NBA game, and he knew absolutely nothing of basketball. I was a bit disappointed in the showing these two teams were giving him when the Knicks fell behind early, but he was really into it by the end. We had a lot of fun and he got his money's worth, fo sho.

- At the end of regulation, and at the end of the first OT, Crawford blew chances to break the tie with awful fadeaway threes. I do not understand. Even the British guy knew that those shots were "bollocks".

- Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley, John Starks, and Michael Jordan were all in the house. I wish I could've somehow instigated a brawl between them.

- We walked through the entire Gonzaga basketball team in Times Square. They play Duke at the Garden on Thursday. That was pretty cool.

Eh, fuck it. Great game, great night, but that took a lot out of me. I'll get back to you tomorrow. Go Knicks. Goodnight.


Anonymous said...

David Lee is a total God right now, eh? 39 rebounds over two games...those are Big Ben numbers.

He's in dire need of a nickname. I'll put on my thinking cap...

rady said...

How about "D"-Lee? :D
BTW, we played the Bobcats not the Bucks :P

Seth said...