Knicks-Bobcats Crumbs

Sorry about the screw-up in the last post's title. It was past my bedtime. Here's what's floatin' around from last night's exciting game:

- Game summary from Live from Section 404.

- Jake Appleman of Slam's game notes.

And some additional game notes that I forgot:

- Derek Anderson is being paid to play basketball. Now I've seen everything.

- Eddy Curry's Mean Streak now resumes at 1 game.

- It's amazing how much the refs have slacked off the zero tolerance calls since the start of the season. I'm happier with the way it is now, but is it really acceptable for the league to adjust the rules that much within one regular season? It's like getting rid of the three-point line midseason, or changing the ball or something...

- More on that British guy...On one play, Ray Felton threw a reeeeeally high halfcourt alley-oop pass for Gerald Wallace, who reached up for it and came down with a ridiculous stuff. British guy: "Am I allowed to say that was good?" Me: "Yeah. Yeah, that was good."

- I called every single one of Channing Frye's baskets before it went in, except for his ugly hook shot that tied it late in the fourth. When Chan shoots without hesitation, he's unbelievably wet on his jumper. As soon as he gets to his spastic faking, the shots clang. Have confidence, friend. (Great game for him, by the way. Really looked fluid from outside, and had a few nasty stuffs.)

Anyway, tonight is TNT NBA Thursday. Cavs-Pistons followed by Wizards- Kings. Good stuff. The Knicks take on the Chicago Bulls tomorrow night at the Garden. Until then, Peace.


Anonymous said...

okay....david lee's nickname is...

"The Real D-Lee-O"

Your thoughts?

Seth said...

hahahahaha thats a solid one. i think that could be more of a catchphrase than a nickname, ya know? like if someone says "that david lee, he's a decent player, isn't he?" then you can be like "yeah son, he's the real d-lee-o!" and then they'll stare at you blankly for 8 seconds and then get to chuckling. i like it.

for what its worth, my nickname for lee last year was "gravedigger". no reason why.

Anonymous said...

Ah I like it.....perfect after he totally "buried" the Bobcats.