Iverson to Knicks!

Kidding. Sounds like he's going to Denver, which should be extremely interesting.

Nothing much to discuss today. Just a few things.

Some really fantastic posts about the brawl-

-Henry Abbott at TrueHoop

- From the Fan House...Big Lead...Miss Gossip...Mutoni...Jones. The Fan House is the shit.

- Also, Nate Robinson apologized. If he means what he says, then his lessons will be a Gr8 help to a team that could use the better half of his energy.

Anyway, the Knicks won last night. No game tonight. Good times for now.


EDIT: Can you picture AI in a Nuggets jersey? Weeeeeird. Also, what number is he gonna wear? DerMarr Johnson is currently rocking number 3.


Ra said...

Humpty looks like Andre 3000.

When is Isiah going to trade David Lee to the Suns?

Seth said...

i can definitely see that.

hopefully lee never goes anywhere, cause the kid's a baller. side note: do you realize that the Knicks got nate robinson and q-rich for kurt thomas? not a bad deal.

Ra said...

True, not a bad deal at all. Kurt Thomas is a rock though and is much more important to the Suns success than Q or Nate.

And reversed, Q is much more important to the Knicks than Kurt.

I think David Lee is like Kurt Thomas lite.

Miss SunsGossip said...

Ha, Miss Gossip had predicted Iverson to the Knicks on Fanhouse. Too bad...