Knicks 97, Jazzes 96- OT

Wow! If you haven't noticed, I'm easily excitable when it comes to the Knicks. I'm having a little trouble typing right now cause I'm still having some mini heart attacks, but let's get this recap on. First of all, for those of you who missed it, the Knicks, playing with only 8 men, started off miserably, fell down by 16, came back with some hyper defense, took the lead, and pushed it to 10 in the fourth. The Jazz then came back on a flurry of threes by Mehmet Okur and the absolutely cold-blooded Deron Williams. After Williams buried several more ridiculous shots, including one to take the lead with 3 seconds left, Marbury ran the length of the court to lay it in at the buzzer. Game notes:

- Keep in mind that these game notes started at about 7:10, long before tip-off.

- Isiah looks kinda like a Furby when he does press conferences. His eyes are wide open, gazing off into infinity, and his voice is light and carefree, no matter the meaning of his words. It's fucking eerie.

What the hell are you smiling about, you psycho!?

- (Again, this is pre-game). Maybe the Knicks should check out John Basedow for the coaching spot? The infomercials for his workout tapes show that he's really good for your self esteem and focus. Tell me the Knicks wouldn't benefit from that.

Coaching made simple?

- George Karl came right out and called Isiah a "jackass" for his actions. It's displeasing to see such hostility between coaches, but, what are you gonna do. You make risky decisions, sometimes you pay the price. And sometimes the price is a fat guy calling you a jackass.

- MSG had some interesting camera angles from the brawl, including both benches and the scorer's table. The Knicks bench were all on their feet (Balkman was trying to get in to the fight), except for Marbury, who was hunched over with a towel on his head up until Carmelo's punch. Also, there were two Nugget scrubs at the scorer's table when it happened, in case you thought George Karl really was trying to run up the score.

- Eddy Curry had 3 rebounds in 22 minutes. David Lee had 3 rebounds in the first 52 seconds of the game. Just a thought.

- (I've really gotta say all these mean things I was writing down at the beginning). One of the things I disliked about Larry Brown was that he let his ego control the team and make news. Isiah Thomas might very well be heading in the same direction.

- In the second quarter, Kelvin Cato had the chair pulled out from under him, but managed to bank in a reverse while falling on his ass. He was called for a travel, but that was great.

- Kelvin talks a lot of trash. He blocked Dee Brown in the second quarter and grumbled something that appeared to include the words "You...out...my...house" in Brown's face.

- Paul Millsap might very well pop a basketball. I like him.

- Is it just me, or is Channing Frye trying to grow a Marbury mustache? That's a bold move.

- My favorite play of the game, besides the game winner: After a missed three or two, Lee and Balkman got around 5 offensive rebounds, repeatedly hitting the glass hard and putting it back up. Lee finished it with an and-one off the backboard, followed by a huge fist pump and a primal scream from the enthralled Marbury. That is basketball.

- Walt Frazier used the phrase, "Draining and Paining" in reference to Derek Fisher's repeated buckets over the Knicks. I'm pretty sure I've never heard that rhyme from him.

- As someone who spent much of his childhood in the Museum of Natural History, and knows it pretty much by heart, I'm definitely gonna go see "Night at the Museum". I'm pretty fuckin excited. Stop laughing, you heartless bastard.

- Crawford missed his first 11 shots, but it looked like he was just a tiny bit off calibration. Most of those misses were in-and-out or unlucky bounces. It doesn't justify his gunslinging, but a little WD-40 on the elbows might've made that a 30 point game for Jamal. That's just the way he is.

- Deron Williams is GOOD at basketball. His D needs some work, but he showed some sweet touch around the rim, and some absolutely ridiculous clutchness in the closing moments. To recap, he hit an off-balance, contested game-tying three in regulation, a similar three that got a soft bounce in late in OT, and a deadly fadeaway two with 3 seconds left in OT. I was very impressed.

They were not kidding about this guy.

- I'm still baffled by Jamal Crawford. He missed a long 3 when he had plenty of time to pass or create, putting the game into overtime. He also bricked a 3 when the Knicks were up with more than 15 seconds left on the shot clock very late in overtime. He had a few nice plays, but you've gotta wonder what's going through his head during these moments.

- Lee- 17 points, 20 rebounds. Marbury- 29 points, 8 assists. The rest of the team shot a combined 20-62.

- If Marbury didn't connect on that layup at the end, I think I might've cried. D-Will, again deserves plentiful props for his performance down the stretch. Had the Jazz won, he would've been instantly famous for his clutch shooting. I'm glad that didn't happen.

What a game, my friends. What a game. For one night, it feels good to be a Knick fan.



TheHype said...

You should definitely write 100 posts between games to keep the "routine" going.

Ben Stiller's fallen off a bit in my books, but I'm with you on "Night at the Museum", looks like fun times.

And Denver beat Wiz too.. huh.. I think the usage of "irony" can be used somehow--I'm too dubmz to attempt tho :)

Seth said...

Don't joke around, man. I'm really superstitious. I might just start celebrating every number of posts if the Knicks keep winning the following game.

Forget Ben Stiller or whoever else is in that. Fucking dinosaurs, man! And mummies! I think everyone who grew up in or around NYC and got to visit the museum is a little bit excited.

I'm really happy that the Nugs had a win too. I picked up Yak Diawara for my fantasy team, just for fun.

la287 said...

This is a dumb loss for my Jazz. If the Jazz hadn't pulled ahead by 16 to start the game, I wouldn't be so surprised, but a top-five team in the league should be able to be a shorthanded Knicks team.

Great commentary, by the way.

Seth said...

la- Sorry that the Knicks win had to come up at the Jazzes' expense. They're an amazingly talented, well coached, a very promising team, and a real class act. These things happen. Take pride in Deron Williams nearly icing the thing by himself when other guys couldn't make it happen!

Thanks for visiting.

Nugg Doctor said...

congrats and thanks to your knicks for beating the hated Utah Jazz. The 'Tawn anecdote is up in my game recap.


Anonymous said...

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