Knicks-Nuggets Tonight

Hey. Plenty of news. China reports that Steve Francis will miss some time with that ankle sprain. In related news, if I ever cross paths with Bruce Bowen, I'm gonna throw a box of Good & Plenty over his head, and when he jumps to catch it, I'm gonna put two bear traps under his legs. Bitch bastard.

I wouldn't waste the good candy on catching a Bowen.

Anyway, the Knicks take on the Gold Lumps of Denver this evening. As is the case with most teams, Denver's guards should be a problem. Especially so, because the Nuggets have some depth at the guard position, with Andre Miller, Earl Boykins, and J.R. Smith all fleet of foot and threats to hit the jumper. I was gonna say something about Marcus Camby meeting with his former teammates, but uhhh....not one of these guys played with him in New York. Kinda weird. It'd be funny if somehow this confused him.

"Watch out for Latrell."

My powers of prediction are pretty good when it comes to the Knicks, and I'm gonna venture a guess that this is the game they finally come out of their shell. They don't have the defensive liability of Francis, and the Nuggets are juuuust dysfunctional enough that they could shit the bed.

Finally, here's this article from USA Today, with some comments by Isiah. The man sure does love to talk, doesn't he?

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