Basketball Without Borders?

Quick post today, as I'm still reeling from that Spurs loss. I generally don't like reading things without pictures, but this article from the Houston Chronicle notes that U.S. Ambassador John Bolton took the U.N. Security Council to last night's game.

Highlights include David Stern- who gets off to foreigners- greeting the guests.
NBA commissioner David Stern, no stranger to diplomacy, handed out caps from both teams to the ambassadors."We think that basketball is the international language," he said, "It brings people together."
Is he saying that basketball is the preferred language at the U.N.? I did not know. I always thought it was Esperanto or something.

" Jump shot. Slam dunk, halftime, double dribble? Mateen Cleaves."

Bolton himself had a fine quip, stating that watching the Knicks was like "negotiating in the Security Council". I really wanna see the Security Council now. When I watch the Knicks I am extremely profane, break television remotes, and fart a lot. If the U.N. is anything like this, then someone get me a baby-blue helmet STAT.

Finally, there was someone there named Wang Guangya Wang. Which is a fun name.

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