Boy oh Boy!

Man, if Crawford missed that inexplicable three at the end there, I woulda stayed in my room for the next 3 weeks, slowly growing a beard and eating Skittles by the light of my lava lamp. Not only did he almost throw the ball away, but he put up a retarded three in a 4 on 2 situation. I guess when you're hot, you're hot. The Knicks looked a lot better this evening, against a fairly talented team. Carmelo Anthony is crazy good. What they say about him improving over the summer looked truer than ever.

Anyway, Crawford had his breakout game....Channing Frye, where you at!?

It feels good. More in the morning.

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Shuttlesworth said...

wow - only caught the second half but that's a great win. Crawford still makes me nervous every time he gets the ball though