Knicks-Nuggets Recap

Alright, now that I've had a night to sleep on it, let's talk about last night's game. I didn't catch the whole thing, and seem to have missed the part where Crawford got 35 points. I'd like anyone who caught that part of the game to let us know, in the comments section, how that crazy kid scored that much.

Anyway, some notes:
- Fact: We just won a game against a team with at least one talented center.
- Fact: Eddy Curry played 13 minutes and did just about nothing except pick up 5 fouls.
- Opinion: Malik Rose doesn't look bad when his only role is to play defense. He can guard a wide range of big men.
- Opinion: Curry wouldn't have been able to guard Kenyon Martin, had he been healthy.
- Observation: Kelvin Cato looks to be in decent shape. He can get off the ground pretty quickly.
- Question: What do we do with Curry now? (I'm NOT saying that he should be benched or traded based on one game. I'm just saying that perhaps we need to amend his role on the team?)

There's just no place for Eddy's interpretive dancing.

- In my mind, Frye's struggles are entirely mental. You can't just lose your shooting touch and your moves like that. I wonder if he has a bad relationship with Isiah, because his decision-making, shot selection, and body language do not look good at all. I think it's the guards' responsibility to get him back in his flow. His midrange touch is vital to opening up the court.

- I mentioned it last night, but that Crawford shot was the earliest turning point in this young Knicks season. Let us recall: Crawford dribbles away the clock for a few seconds, then steps out to about 30 feet and tries to throw an over-the-shoulder cross-court pass to no one in particular. The ball is easily picked off by J.R. Smith, but Crawford snaggles it back from Eduardo Najera on the fast break. I make a noise that sounds something like a whale miscarrying. Crawford, in a 4 on 2 situation, with 4 seconds left, releases a fadeaway 30-foot three pointer. A foreign creature bursts out of my chest, "Alien" style. The shot somehow connects. I cry and laugh at the same time. J.R. Smith narrowly misses a tip-in off an Anthony free throw, and the Knicks are victorious.

Moments like this make me wish I hadn't eaten that fourth burrito.

What if that play went differently? Crawford made an idiotic pass and took one of the stupidest shots of his entire career. If he missed that shot, the New York Media would have Crawford, Isiah, Channing Frye, Channing Frye's mother, Mark Wahlberg, and all of Sly and the Family Stone on the chopping block. Not one person would be spared from the fury. Knicks fans and writers alike would be gnashing their teeth at the inexplicable follies and misconceptions of this Knicks team. When that shot went 'splash' it momentarily preserved this Knicks season as we know it.

So let us rejoice and look forward. The season is young, and the Knicks have shown flashes. We've certainly had our share of excitement so far. Rockets on Friday, kids.

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