Knicks 101, Cavs 98

Whoo! I'm still shaking a little from that one. That was a big win for these Knicks. Curry looked pretty beastly at points, and the guards showed a little bit of chemistry and balance on the attack. Q-Rich shot the lights out and harassed Lebron, and overall I'm very pleased. Game notes:

- I really miss Canon Knicks Gamenight and the old theme music. No idea why they'd get rid of that song.

- Walt Frazier commented that the master of the hook shot was "Abdul Kareem Jabbar". He was also wearing a blue velvet dress shirt.

- Damon Jones is a really shitty ballhandler. I can't think of anyone other than former Knick Frank Williams who's so bad with the ball that they have to back their way down the length of the court.

- What's with that little patch of hair on the back of Drew Gooden's head?

- If you missed it, Nate Robinson was pretty much all alone on a fast break early in the second quarter. Nate resorted to instinct and tried to bounce the ball to himself for the dunk, but got called for a travel and took a hard hit from Sasha Pavlovic. (Nate nearly completed the thing anyway, but thats besides the point). In the ensuing timeout, Isiah motioned for Nate to get his ass out of the huddle, but left him in the game. He immediately came out and got an O-bound and a field goal. I kinda like that. Larry Brown woulda torn the kid a new asshole, but Isiah has a much better understanding of his players. Nate had a few other boneheaded plays in the game, but I liked the way Isiah treated it.

- Also in the second quarter, Richardson buried a three and proceeded to subtly mimic Damon Jones' gallop and finger wiggle celebration. I grinned.


- The Cavs had numerous chances to hit the big shot and push the game out of reach, but continuously missed them. Even Lebron failed to cushion the lead. As someone who roots for the Cavs any time they're not playing the Knicks, I don't like seeing that (except when they're playing the Knicks).

- Michael Jordan had the tongue wag. Lebron James has the O-face.

- Zydrunas Ilgauskus accidentally tipped in a miss for the Knicks. He did this twice in their last game. He is now tied with Kelvin Cato in points for the Knicks this year.

- Humpty fouled Lebron really hard, and then proceeded to get up in his face. Awesome.

- The Cleveland fan pump-up activity in the clutch moments was starting a massive slow clap in the audience. That's just about the stupidest thing I've ever seen, and may have very well cost the Cavs the game. Step it up, Cleveland.

-Huuuge fucking 3-point play from Curry at the end of the game. He threw down the dunk and then spun around and screamed "WHAT, MOTHERFUCKER!" Atta boy.

- Curry has had four 20+ point games in a row. Marbury looked like Marbury in the first half. The Knicks are 6-0 when they have 20 assists or more and are 5-1 when scoring more than 100 points. Them's the facts.

Well hello there, Mr. Marbury. Nice of you to show up.

Alright, well that's all I have for tonight. Solid win, kids. We can sleep well.

EDIT: The Knicks are now 4-1 on Wednesdays.


Anonymous said...

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Martha said...

I don't know about you, but Curry's production is freaking me out -- I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Soon, he'll remember who he is and dissolve into a huge pile of mush. Again.

Seth said...

Yeah, it's a little ridiculous. I'd set the bar at 10 games. If he goes that long playing decently, then it might not be a fluke. For now, it's possible that someone just spiked his oatmeal.

KnickerBlogger said...

Had you not reminded me, I would have forgotten. Sideshow Varejao attempted 2 skyhooks. That has to be a record since Kareem retired. I love that play.

Seth said...

Hahahah Sideshow Varejao. That's brilliant.

Ra said...

David Lee is on my fantasy team, both of them, picked up in the final round, and I porclaimed that he'd average a double double this year.

Ra said...


Seth said...

that's a solid-ass pickup. also, if "left hanging" high fives is a stat in your league, then he's probably putting up triple doubles.