Cavs 102, Knicks 96

Well, for the first time this season, the Knicks almost deserved to win a game...and of course they could not do so. My thoughts:

- I was happy to see Frye back in gear. One thing though...Why does he fake so much? Every time he catches the ball, he immediately throws this half-assed ballfake that fucks with his rhythm. It's completely useless and awkward. Good game overall, though. He buried a few jumpers, and finally had some nice catches and dunks around the basket.

Channing, Rim. Rim, Channing.

- Maybe I'm just bitter, but I was not impressed with the Cavs' sportsmanship and overall demeanor. Damon Jones excels in showboating and prickishness. Lebron is a marvelous player, but all his winking and grinning isn't cute. Finally, this is nitpicky, but Sasha Pavlovic elected to put in a wide open reverse dunk at the end of the game, when it didn't matter. I guess you take whatever you can get when you're Sasha Pavlovic.

- Everyone on the Knicks' bench drinks Gatorade, except for little Nate, who drinks Gatorade All-Stars. I couldn't make this shit up.

Special juice for our special boy!

- The "comeback kids": Robinson, Lee, Balkman, and friends, need to get in earlier in the third quarter.

- WOW. Crawford and Robinson repeatedly made tough shots around the basket, always drawing contact. Not once was a foul called. I'm surprised they didn't complain, because it was flat out ridiculous.

- The perimeter defense continues to suck balls.

- Give credit to the Cavs for hitting every big shot when the Knicks needed a stop. They weren't all open shots, either.

- Man, do I dislike Damon Jones. If you haven't noticed, I generally don't like players who are only good at one thing. I'm very touchy about the NBA, as it is my favorite pro sports league, and it upsets me that guys can make it in the L without actually being good at basketball. Damon Jones is not good at basketball.

- I don't know what gets Eddy Curry mad, but someone needs to find it. The CIA or NSA or whoever needs to be hired to investigate Curry and determine what his most valued possessions are. For instance, say they find out tomorrow that Curry has a beloved pet rabbit named Eddy III. The rabbit should immediately be shot in the face, with a note left next to the cage that Etan Thomas did it. I guarantee that Curry will come out fighting when the Knicks take on the Wizards this Wednesday.


More tomorrow. Sleep well.

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