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Quick update today...This article brings up a fact I missed: Frye didn't play at all in the fourth quarter last night. Despite his solid start, Isiah kept him benched for all of crunch time, leaving David Lee on the floor. It's hard to argue having Lee in there, but it's kinda rough that there's no room for Frye on the floor in these situations. It's almost as if the Knicks have too many players. For instance, what's gonna happen when Jared Jeffries gets healthy? What does that do to Q's role? Balkman's? How could a team this bad have such a wealth of players? I'm befuddled.

Another thing I forgot...Al Trautwig interviewed Dustin Hoffman courtside during last night's game. I've always liked Hoffman, and he was patient during some technical difficulties and relatively friendly. I was happy to see that a celebrity was still willing to see a Knicks game. Maybe he was just there for those 45 seconds. Who knows. (By the way, I sorta wish Dustin Hoffman was a Nuggets fan, so he could say "K-Mart sucks" more often. Knowing Isiah, he might get that opportunity here in New York.)

"Get a life, bro."

Marc Stein's weekly Power Rankings came out today, with the Knicks making the graceful leap from 29th up to 27th. To all you Grizzlies, Celtics, and Bobcats fans out there, SUCK IT. LOL.

It feels good to be on top.

Anyway, 2-6 is rough, but the schedule's been a bitch. Oh well. Wiz tomorrow, so expect some preview action in the afternoon.

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