Knicks-Cavs Tonight

Alright, alright. The Knicks take on Peter Stormare, Al Roker, and the Cleveland Cavaliers this evening, and for some reason I'm really pumped. Lebron James is one of my favorite players in this entire league, so much so that I can enjoy his play even in the context of a Knicks-Cavs game. He's that good. (He's really the only one. I was so incensed when Dwyane Wade hit a game-winner over Trevor Ariza a few years back, that I wrote a venomous, spiteful letter to the Heat organization, only to rescue it from the mailbox the next day.) That said, I'd rather that the Knicks beat the ever-loving shit out of him, and he continues his streak of poor offensive performances at the Garden.


In further news, the NBA is finally investigating Bruce Bowen for his ankle-spraining antics. It's also become apparent that Isiah meant to fire up his team by yelling at Bowen. As I've said, I'd rather that the players were sticking up for themselves...but whatever works. Letting Isiah chew out Bowen is kinda like letting your Daddy scare the bully at school.

Finally, some things to check out...

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Recap tonight or tomorrow. Peace out.

EDIT: I forgot that LBJ dropped 36 at the Garden last year. Whoops. Kid's pretty good at basketball.

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