Knicks 113, Sixers 101

Some quick notes on the preseason action:

-I understand that the MSG network has a new look and whatnot...but they couldn't even keep the theme song?
- Jalen Rose started, but played only 8 minutes. The man is damn near uselesss now. He's not even trying out there.
- More defensive fouls are being called on penetration, which is good for head-down bull-rush guys like Francis and Marbury
- Eddy Curry is actually better a few feet away from the basket than he is right under it. He has very little sense of where he is and still holds the ball way to low
-Richardson, Francis, and Crawford played like Richardson, Francis, and Crawford. If you don't think that's a big deal, you don't watch much Knicks basketball.
- Marbury missed the game as a precaution for a "foot injury". It's the shoes, baby!
- Balkman and Lee are both better suited for offensive rebounds. Their methods of hitting the boards is spazzing and flailing so the ball gets loose. Good on the O-glass, not so much on the D.
- Isiah keeps wearing this weird blue button that looks like a jigsaw puzzle piece. Who the fuck wears buttons?

"I'll give you $80 million. Why are you smirking?"


Anonymous said...

The blue puzzle piece lapel pin (not a button) is a symbol of the organization Autism Speaks, used to raise awareness for the Autism disortder. One which now effects effects 1 in 166 individuals. Which means even insensitive jerks like yourself probably know someone who has had their life significantly altered by Autism.

Seth said...

I actually read about that a few weeks ago. Isiah spent a lot of charitable time with autistic children over the summer, if I remember correctly. Didn't mean to be insensitive..I was just uninformed at the time I wrote that.