Eternal Sunshine of Steve Francis

This comes in response to a comment left by "Shuttlesworth":
What are your thoughts on Zeke's conversation with Francis over the summer. Apparently he was pretty disgruntled and didn't want to come back. How long until he gets a little frustrated and just throws it in? Their schedule in November is pretty tough too, especially with Jeffries out. I could Stevie Franchise being a distraction this year. Thoughts?
One of the shittiest shits that Larry Brown ever shat was the effect he had on his players mentalities. A few guys, including Francis, were left with a bad taste in their mouths heading into the summer. With this in mind, Isiah went out on a quest of sorts, to cleanse his team of any hard feelings. When recently asked about his visit to the home of the disgruntled Steve Francis, Isiah told of how he gallantly rekindled Francis' faltering relationship with the organization.


From today's NY Times (Copied from the print. I think you have to pay or something for the online goods):
Steve Francis said he did not recall the details of his off-season meeting with Isiah Thomas, and he declined to discuss the subject...Asked about the meeting, Francis said, "I don't even remember anything that happened this summer."
Can't remember anything? Several possible problems here. One possibility is that young Stevie didn't dig the meeting quite as much as Isiah did. Perhaps Zeke's tales of a peachy outcome weren't so accurate. Maybe Francis' comments (or lack thereof) foreshadow future turbulence in his Knicks' career.

If this isn't the case, then Francis seems to be suffering from lacunar amnesia. Perhaps our beloved combo-guard has experienced some sort of traumatic experience or head injury we don't know about? In this case, its hard to be mad at Francis. My hopes and prayers are with him.

Hopefully, Francis has suffered neither displeasure nor a blow to the head. With luck, what Francis said was taken out of context or something of that sort. My hope for this year is that we see the talented Francis we all know and love, not the pissy grouch of late. Even more pimportant (sometimes I prefer typos to correct spelling), is that, facing the alternative, Isiah responds correctly, and Stevie is never a distraction. Things like this often seem like bigger deals during the preseason. The media likes to make brawls out of brushes. Let us pray.

Knicks-Sixers tonight at el Jardín. Let's hold on to the ball a little better, please. K thanks. Peace.

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