Knicks News

Breaking news at this hour: Your New York Knicks signed C Kelvin Cato away from the Detroit Pistons. Also noteworthy is that four hometown heroes, Milone Clark, Elton "Not Brand" Brown, Paul Miller, and Nikoloz Skeetskeetskeet were cut from the team. Oh well.

Henry Abbott over at True Hoop makes the good point that various veteran free agent centers, including Cato, are readily available because teams are staying small and quick. Somewhere, Felton Spencer sheds a tear.Is it just me or does Felton Spencer look a lot like Ron Jeremy?

A few more notes on last night's game:
- Though it lapses at times, I'm pretty impressed with the Knicks' ball movement
- I liked when they showed Isiah sitting on the floor next to the bench, talking to Eddy Curry. Brown never woulda done that.
- Andre Iguodala is starting to feel like a star. For me, star players always stand out on the court. You always know where they are and expect something when the ball's in their hands. Iggy's beginning to give me that vibe.
- I'm liking 22 turnovers better than 32 turnovers. Especially because a handful of those 22 came from the spastic stylings of those cats who got cut today.

That should be it for today, unless a crushed and reeling Paul Miller comes out of the closet or something. Peace.

EDIT: No, Paul Miller didn't come out yet. Just wanted to point out this Knicks bit from Yay Sports. The Cavalier also wonders if Steph might be hurtin from those shoes.

Also peep this article about John Starks from Hoops Addict. I liked John Starks back in the day, but I'm more concerned with the inarticulate ramblings he currently does on MSG sometimes. Also, I have this vague mental image of him flipping off the entire crowd at center court during a game. Did this happen? Anyone?


TheHype said...

Yes YES! Knicks need love even though Mutoni over at Bench Renaldo is reppin them, he's too busy with SLAMonline.

That isn't to say I'm a fan of the Knicks (though it's always fashionable to crack jokes at them..Isiah just signed..)

Good looking site Seth, thanks for the comment and I look forward to keeping up with Zeke's eventual meltdown over here.

Shuttlesworth said...

I like the site. It's a good site, and a nice site, but there needs to come a time when you don't play with the site. I want the site to really be a presence out on the net. The first couple of posts were great. You had a great thing going. It simply needs to be more manly.

Seth said...

Good call, Shuttlesworth. I just don't like being touched, ya know? I'm really just a nice guy.

Seth said...

btw I took shuttleworth's comment way too seriously at first, cause I hadn't read the news yet. Let's just say I was a bit baffled that my manhood was being brought into question.