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Coming from the always interesting New York post...Stephon Marbury wants to do his own talk show

I'd definitely watch this, and not just because I'm a Knicks fan. The idea of one basketball player interviewing another is actually pretty intriguing. Guys might be more relaxed and comfortable in this kind of setting. Plus, I've always wondered what was going on in that bulbous head of Marbury's.

What would you call a show hosted by Stephon Marbury? I can't think of anything.


Shuttlesworth said...

Unassisted with Stephon Marbury.

Shuttlesworth said...

What are your thoughts on Zeke's conversation with Francis over the summer. Apparently he was pretty disgruntled and didn't want to come back. How long until he gets a little frustrated and just throws it in? Their schedule in November is pretty tough too, especially with Jeffries out. I could Stevie Franchise being a distraction this year. Thoughts?

Seth said...

Unassisted. I like. Good thoughts on Francis...check the new post.